The Poompa Boompas are short, little african-like men with dark skin who work for Charlie Chunka at his Chunka Chocolate Inc. They appear in Phineas, Ferb, and the Chocolate Factory. They are parodies of the Oompa Loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


The Poompa Boompas were native to the Boompa Island, an island that in reality is fictional, although Charlie Chunka claims it is real. In that land, they were preyed upon by the lands' predators, who are also given ludicrous names and Phineas and his friends are skeptical about their existance, although Mr. Chunka claims them all to be real. The food they ate, which included mostly squashed bugs, leafs, twigs, and other disgusting things, was revolting. They did, however, grow occasional sugar canes in the region, and when they were lucky enough to do so, they would worship them, thank their gods for them, and eat their sugar only at special events.

Upon Charlie Chunka visiting them on a research trip, he invites them to come work at his factory for him, in exchange for safety from the monsters of their homeland, and all the sugar canes they could ask for. Over the years of working at the factory, they have also learned to speak english, some even sing in english, such as the Poompa Boompa Quartet.

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