This story is about a pet platypus named Polt(Perry) and his human side-kick Menny(Marabella) who are famous actors on a show named Polt,But Polt doesnt know

that. So when the evil Blue-eyed man(Dr.Doofensmirtz) "kidnapps" Menny.Polt sets out to find her. Along the way he meets a stray cat named Gloves(Isabella) and an over

eager hamster named Phino(Phineas). So this unlikely trio travels around the U.S just to find Menny.

� � � � � � � � � � � Characters

Polt:Polt is a loyal super platypus who has lazer eyes,ground pound,and a killer super Growl!

Menny:Menny is a teenage super star on the hit show Polt. She has the wits and gadgets. She cares very much about her pet platypus Polt.

Phino:Phino is a over eager hamster who worships Polt's feet. Polt is Phino's HERO!!!!!!

Gloves:Gloves is a homeless house cat that meets Polt along the way.At first Polt and Gloves hate each other because Polt acuses her of being one of the Blue-eyed man's minions.But after a while Polt gets her pain.

Blue-eyed Man:The Blue-eyed Man is Polt and Menny's T.V show villian. He has two minions named Yoddy(Emily) and Farry(Ferb).And he's half cat half man.

Yoddy:Yoddy is one of the Blue-eyed Man's minions.Yoddy is a teenager like Menny so she can fight Menny better. Yoddy's power is she can shot fire out of her hand.And

she uses a firery baton to attack with.

Farry:Farry is the other minion of the Blue-eyed Man's minions.Farry is also a teenager he only fights Polt.Like Yoddy only fights Menny.Farry's power is,that he uses razor sharp

stars and trows them at you.

� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � Ages

Menny:13 year old,teenager

Polt:Human Years:2 Platypus years:14,teenager

Blue-eyed Man:40 year old,Adult

Phino:Human Years:1 and a half Hamster Years:10,tween

Gloves:Human Years:1 and a half Cat Years:10,tween

Yoddy:13 year old,teenager

Farry:14 year old,teenager




Blue-eyed Man:Man





Memorable Quotes

Menny:POLT!!! (whistles) Polt busts through the door and knocks down Yoddy.

Yoddy:Oh i always wanted a stuffed platypus!!!!! (Reffering to Polt)

Phino:Your Polt the Super Platypus!!!!!! Oh i love you!!!!! Polt:Errrrr.......ummmmm..........thanks????????

Blue-eyed Man:You'lll never see your precious Menny again!!!! (laughs evily) (coughs) Hair-ball!!!

Menny looks at a picture of the Disney Movie Bolt. Manager:Looks familiar?! Menny:Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............................No!!!

Manager has a confused face.

Gloves:Get your paws off me you Bug eye!!!! Polt:You don't know me?!?! Gloves:Doesn't ring a bell. A bus with a add of Polt all over it pulls up in the back of Gloves. Polt:I'm Polt!!! Gloves:Polt?????Never heard of it!!!! Polt just shakes his head.

� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � Allusions

Bolt:Everything is mocking Bolt.

Wizards vs. werewolves:When Menny and Farry fight is just like when Juliet and Mason fought on this episode.

Phineas and Ferb:Everything.

Bolt the vedio game:Farry and Yoddy is like the names Proddy and Starry on this game.

BE RIGHT BACK DO NOT EDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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