This is about the relationship between Phineas Flynn and Patricia Verlean as unoffical boyfriend and girlfriend

Phineas's Hints

Patricia's hints

  • Patricia says "COOL!" after Phineas answers her "too young" question, hinting that she loves him cause of his daringness.
  • She tries to threaten Isabella in "Girl Battle Out", hinting that she's jealous of her.
  • In Patricia's dream, the Mad Hatter (Phineas) falls in love with Alice (Patty), hinting that he likes him.


  • They have the same hair color
  • They both have a triangle head
  • Their names both start with the letter P (both have a Ph in other versions where Patrica's name is Phobe)
  • They both have siblings



  • He is more daring than Patricia
  • Doesn't have a 4th sibling
  • Is very smooth with others that get in the way
  • Is more interested in inventing than phyics


  • Doesn't have a stepfamily
  • Has an extra sister named Haily
  • Gets very rough and angry with anybody in her way
  • Is more interested in physics than inventing

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