Phineas and Ferb are seen watching an old 90's rerun of a show called "Animaniacs." They actually like it, and wonder what it would be like if they were the Warner Brothers.

Phineas: Hey, Ferb, you know, Animaniacs had a LOT of characters, should we get our friends to do it with us?

Ferb: (Nods)

As if on cue, all of their friends walk in.

Isabella: What'cha-

Goldfish: Doin? (Isabella glares, Goldfish smiles apolegetically)

Phineas: Well, I'm sure none of you have heard of an old show called Animaniacs but-

Goldfish: ANIMANIACS!? That's one of my FAVORITE shows!!!

Phineas: Anyone else heard of it?

Everyone else says no...

Phineas: Well, we're creating a machine that will change one's personality. We were gonna program it to make all of us Animaniacs characters. Who wants in?

Everyone: ME!

(Phineas is dressed like Yakko (Yakko.jpg), Ferb is dressed like Wakko (Wakko.jpg), Candace is dressed as Dot (Dot.jpg), Doof (Across town) is dressed as Scratchansniff (DrScratchansniff.jpg), Baljeet and Buford shrunk and are dressed as The Brain (Brain.jpg) and Pinky (Pinky.jpg) respectively, Love Handel is dressed like the Goodfeathers (, Django is dressed like Skippy (, Isabella is dressed as Rita (, Goldfish was dressed like Runt (

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