Phineas,Isabella,Ferb,and Gretchen are making up songs for with Phineas on lead guitar and vocals Isasbella on guitar and vocals Gretchen on bass guitar and vocals and Ferb on drums and vocals during they meet me my brother and sister and I said hi Phineas and Phineas said how do you know my name and I said I have been on your website alot and Phineas said who are you and I said my name is Joey and this is my brother Allen and my sister Carsen and I told Phineas that I am a ten year old from Abbeville,South Carolina and the good thing about me and you,Isabella and the Fireside Girls,Ferb,Baljeet,and Buford is that were the same age me,Allen,and Carsen were just to practice our band lessons at the same place you are goin' and anyway you got any room left for me,Allen,and Carsen and plus me,Allen,and Carsen have worked on songs that we could cover like the song Rock'n'Roll Train by AC/DC with me on lead guitar and vocals Allen on drums Carsen on bass guitar and vocals and Allen's friend Jonathan Schatez on guitar and vocals and anyway here are some lyrics from the song runaway train[running right off the tracks] what Allen thats all I remember you know as a southern boy from South Carolina that lives with you I could get a little more respect from you and just then Isabella's friend Adyson started to hug me tightly and I said romantically that I feel like I'm getting alot of respect now from Adyson instead of you Allen thats even better and then started kissing Adyson on the cheek Phineas did that with Isabella and Ferb also did the same with Gretchen.After we did that we started walking we bumped into nickelback and Phineas said who are they I replied by saying thats my favorite band nickelback they wrote the songs "burn it to the ground" and "gotta be somebody" and my favorite line in "burn it to the ground" was  no chain and no lock and this train won't stop.


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