Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Buford and Baljeet are waiting by the mailbox. After a while the mailtruck comes, and it drops off a box containing an unlimited supply of Pokemon trading cards that Phineas and Ferb won in a contest. He opens the cards but finds them not as cool as he hoped, they weren't special, just ordinary cards. Baljeet says how cool it would be if the pokemon were real. Phineas gets an idea, after a morning of work, he and Ferb make an animation copy machine. Phineas says it is designed to scan any image and creates the image as an actual living thing. The kids pick out their favorite cards from the box. Phineas chose Pikachu, Ferb picked Wobufett, Isabella selects Bunneary, Buford chooses Hariyama, and Baljeet chooses Aipom. The kids put their cards under the copy machine and their respective pokemon appeared before them, except for Baljeet who's card fell out of his hand and back into the pile, when he thought he found it and put it under the machine, it turned out he picked up a Magikarp card instead. Phineas had another idea, if the pokemon were anything like real ones, they'd probably like to fight to. The kids engaged in a double battle, Phineas and Isabella's Pikachu and Bunneary, against Buford and Baljeet's Hariyama and Magikarp, and Ferb and Wobufett as the referees. The battle began with Pikachu, Bunneary and Hariyama duking it out, but Magikarp did nothing but flop around, wich made Baljeet angry. The Pokemon continue to fight, while Magikarps failure to obey made Baljeet angrier by the minute, until he kicked him. Magikarp then evolves into a fierce Gyarados. Gyarados goes off on a rampage through the city. Phineas suggests that Baljeet try to calm it down, him being his trainer, only to discover Baljeet ran off scared. The only option was to use their pokemon to fight Gyarados. Phineas and the others follow Gyarados through the city and battle him. However Gyarados proves to be to much for Pikachu, Bunneary and Hariyama. It's up to Ferb and Wobufett, but Ferb doesn't give any command. Phineas wonder's what Ferb has planned. Gyarados fires a powerful Hyper Beam, Ferb orders Wobufett to Counter. The Hyper Beam is redirected at Gyarados and knocked him out. Phineas hits the delete button on the copy machine and Gyarados disappears. Phineas and the others go back to the house and resume their battle with Ferb and Wobufett taking Baljeets position.   

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