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This episode is about what happened when the Phinedroids and Ferbots were working. Anyway when the brobots were working, Isabella, the Fireside Girls and a never seen scout leader were underground having a field trip. Then at Poofenplotz Evil is Crazy, Poofenplotz made the Me - Mobile. When she took the test drive she said she will make it drill into the ground to get rid of the Mole Men in her backyard from when she was a kid. Then Pinky remembered that Isabella was under the ground. Then a Phinedroid and a Ferbot went under the ground where Isabella was and where Poofenplotz was going to drill to. In the end of the episode Pinky somehow stops the Me - Mobile by popping a balloon that powers the fule. Before Poofenplotz was deafeted, Isabella and freinds were closing their eyes then as fast as Pinky could she put on her jetpack, through Isabella and freinds out of the ground and in time made it back to Poofenplotz. In the end credits it shows Poofenplotz saying "Curse you Pinky the Chihuahua!" Then the Phinedroid and the Ferbot pop up and look at her then she says "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"


Pinky the Chihuahua theme

Phinedroids and Ferbots (in the background music in credits)

Fireside Girls theme (background music when first seen underground)

Poofenplotz Evil is Crazy

Quirky Worky song (when Poofenplotz makes Me - Mobile)

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