Phineas looked at Dr. Hirano. "Amnasia?" Phineas questioned. "Phineas, honey you have amnasia. You can't remember a thing." answered Dr. Hirano. Phineas was more confused than he have ever been in his life. "Phineas I understand if your confused." Dr. Hirano said. And she was right Phineas was confused.


                   Back at the Flynn-Fletcher house Linda (Phineas and Ferb's mom), Candace, Ferb, and their dad, Lawrence were waiting anxiously for the call from Dr. Hirano. "BBBRRINNNGGGG!!!!!" went the family's house-phone. Linda answered it. While the others listened quietly. After a couple of minutes Linda hung up the phone. She had tears streaming down her face."Well that was Dr. Hirano and she says that it's true that Phineas does have amnasia." she said. "And?! I think we already know that! screamed Candace."Well Phineas might have amnasia for weeks, months, maybe even years! "Weeks?" repeated Candace. "Months?" repeated Ferb. "Years?" Candace and Ferb repeated together.

                                                                         ..........Later the folowing morning.........

                     Ferb woke up at the crack of dawn and looked sadly at the other side of the room where Phineas's empty bed stood. While Candace was looking sadly at the clock. It was 7:00 the time Phineas and Ferb would wake-up. With-out Phineas Maple Drive was a boring sad street.

Memories Gone Forever is sang now.

Candace: There's memories that would never fade away. There's memories where you just wanna run away. Those memories are gone forever.

I thought that you were gone forever!!!!!! A big mixture of imagination and never!!!!!!!!

I'm hoping this is just a dream!!

Those memories are gone forever!!!

Through April and September!!!!

I just can't beleive, i just can't beleive that those memories!!!!!

Are gone, are gone, are gone

I feel like the world is ending

because without you I'm standing all alone

(REPEAT ALL ALONE 3 TIMES) I...just can't bellllllllllllliiiiieevvveeee those memories are lost forevvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeerrrr!!!!!!!!!!

Candace gets up and walks to Ferb's room.

Candace sees Ferb looking at a picture of him and Phineas.


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