One hot summer day, Phineas and Ferb built a GIANT skateboard ramp! "Ready Ferb?" Phineas said. Ferb gave a thumbs up. "Ok!" exclaimed Phineas. "Looks goo-Ahhh!" Phineas screamed, as he almost fell. Ferb caught Phineas just in time. Phineas blushed and giggled softly. Embarrased, he said: "I'll go get the gear". As Phineas backed away embarassed, he slid on his skateboard! This time Ferb could not save Phineas! "PHINEAS!" Ferb yelled. As Phineas approached a rock in the middle of the ramp, he flew right off the skateboard! When Phineas landed, he hit his head hard on the ramp! Then he started to roll like a rock all the way to he bottom of the ramp! When Phineas finally landed, he was covered with bruises and his hair got messed up. Phineas sat there all googley eyed seeing stars! Ferb dashed over to see if Phineas was okay. Phineas.....was very good. "Phineas, are you okay?" Ferb whispered to Phineas. Which Phineas replied: "I think!" CRACK! Went one of the sides as it fell. "PHINEAS!!! LOOK OUT!" Ferb cried. But it was to late! Phineas had been crushed by the falling side of the ramp!!!!! For more of this episode look for Phineas gets amnesia part 2! OPEN NOW!

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