Phineas and Ferb for presidents of the club of youngsters of Tri-State Area; where their rivalry will reach a maximum levels. While Perry will have to stop Doofenshmirtz in Washington because he is planing to use his "More-votes-for-me-in-elections-Inator" to defeat his brother in the elections for president of the United States, in revenge; because when he has 16 years old, he tried to be the class president and was defeated.

Whatcha doin': by Isabella

Perry´s entrance into his lair: Across the Lincoln monument

Ferb´s line: Well Actually I´m better than Phineas so Vote for me

Songs: Let´s win my Brother (parody of Let´s do this) by Doofenshmirtz

You are not too.. Line: by Phineas (to Ferb): You are not too stupid to defeat my

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