Phineas and ferb sat under the tree in their backyard. "So ferb what do you want to do today?" Phineas asked his brother. ferb shrugged. "Hey I know!!" phineas screamed. "lets broadcast our own thanksgiving day parade! i mean after all it is the day before thanksgiving and why just watch it on TV if you cant evenbe there!?" Ferb nodded. "We can make floats and everything!" he planned. Just then Isabella walked through the gate. "Hey phineas! whatcha doooin!?" she said trying to sound as sweet as possible. "Were broadcasting our own thanksgiving day parade here in the backyard!" he replied. "Cool! can i help!?" said Isabella. "Sure! Hey you can be the hostess!" said phineas. "oooh! fun!" isa replied. "Ill be right back!" "Hi guys!" Christina said walking in. "Oh hey Christina!" said phineas. "By what i see it looks like you guys are having a...... PARADE!" Christina said joyfully. "Yep!" said phineas, "The Thanksgiving day parade! we thought, why just watch it on TV if you could have your own right here! Gosh its a good thing it hasn't started snowing yet! that would've been a disaster!" "Yeah! Can i help??" replied Christina. "Of course!" said phineas happily. "let's see what could you do?" "Hey i know! i could sew up some neat costumes!" said Christina. "Great idea!" phineas replied. A few hours later, Isabella came back with her hair in a high ponytail and a pink and purple dress on. "Im back!" she said. phineas said,"Oh great! were ready for you!! Ferb!" ferb gave phineas a thumbs up then he grabbed the movie camera and started testing it. "Isabella you go over it with ferb and I'll be right back!" said Phineas."Hey phineas, how are these!?" christina said holding up her third costume. "That's great!" replied phineas. christina replied,"i already made isabella's dress! did you see it??"  "I sure did!" Phineas replied, "it's beautiful especially on her!" "Thanks!" christina said blushing. (christina has a slight crush on phineas.)

Meanwhile, candace was talking to stacy on her cell phone. "STACY CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!??" she cried. "Believe what?" replied stacy. "JEREMY FINALLY ASKED ME TO GO WITH HIM TO THE GRAND OPENING OF THE NEWEST DANVILLE RESTURAUNT!" candace was breathing heavily.

(That's all i have so far. PLZ don't edit! ill work on it!)

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