Abby Brockmen aka Star Girl was walking to school one day when her special watch was ringing, Abby touched her watch and it said "hello Star Girl, it's Comander Cate, Agent P from Danville hasn't some back from his mission." Abby: "Well Comander, what's the problen with that?" Commander: "His last mission was yesterday." " Your mission is to go to Danville and find Agent P." " Here is a map to Danville and a list of his nemesises and family." " Good Luck." Suddenly paper printed from her watch. The paper read like this : Agent P

also known as Perry the Platapus
Owners: The Flynn-Fletcher Family.
nemesis:  Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Dr.
Boss: Major Monogram
Agency: The Agency

Abby: "I have to find a platapus wearing a hat. Fun." Then Abby touched her star necklace and turned into her alterego Star girl. Then she flew up into the sky and flew to Danville. Meanwhile in Danville. Phineas and Ferb were wondering what they were going to do today. When suddenly a girl fell from the sky and landed right next to Phineas. "Who are you?" asked Phineas. " I'm Star girl, are you Phineas Flynn?" Phineas: " Yes, I am and this is my step-brother Ferb." Star girl: " I was told a boy named Phineas would take me to the town of Danville." "Sure." said Phineas. " Phineas, your so busted for, for , Phineas what are you doing and who's your friend? asked Candace. "This is Star girl, she's looking for a way to town and asked me for help." said Phineas. " I am in charge until mom gets home, so you have to ask if he can go." said Candace. "Would you and Ferb like to come with me and Phineas on my secret mission." "Sure." said Candace and Ferb. " Okay, first you'll need costumes so no one will reconize you." said Star girl. Star Girl pressed a button on her watch and Ferb was bathed in a red light. When the red light vaded, Ferb turned into