The Phineas and Ferb: Go To The Movies is a soundtrack based on The TV movie by the same name.


1. Let's go to the movies (opening theme) - singers

2. Pukerman's famous pig (Charlotte's web) - hillbilly singers

3. Tomorrow (Annie) - Patrica

4. It's a hard Knock life (Annie) - The Phinettes, Isabella, Candace (dialogue), Fireside girls as orphan girls

5. PT and me (ET the Extra Terrestrial) - singers

6. ET finale (ET the Extra Terrestrial) - instrument

7. Pur imagination - Phineas, Cast (dialogue)

8. [unknown yet] - singers

9. Whatever you imagine (The Pagemaster) - The Phinettes ft. Isabella and the Fireside girls

10. Around the world (Around the world in 80 days) - Buford, Baljeet, The Phinettes

11. Movie Melody - Cast

12. [currently unnamed song] - Miranda Cosgrove (Don't mean to split up the rivalry)

13. Far Longer than Forever (Swan Princess 2 version) - Carl Karl and Vanessa Doofenshmirtz

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