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Phineas and Ferb Return to the 2nd Dimension Poster

Phineas and Ferb The Story: Return to the 2nd Dimension in Fabulous Fic-Form is an fan fic that serves as a sequel to Across the 2nd Dimension. If you have not seen the movie, you may not want to read this fic, as it contains many spoilers, specifically in the Prologue directly below.


It had just been a normal summer day in the life of Phineas and Ferb. They were constructing their daily invention -- the Platy-pult -- in celebration of five years since adopting their pet platypus, Perry. Launched off of it in a giant shuttlecock, their world was turned around when they were set off-course and crashed into Dr. Doofenshmirtz's Other Dimension-inator. They helped him rebuild it, and found themselves in a twisted world unlike their own - the 2nd Dimension - ruled by an evil dictator. They learned that Perry was, in fact, a secret agent, who had been lying to them all these years, and a great amount of trust between the trio was lost.

As their adventure went on, the boys realized that even if their pet was dishonest, he was still a member of their family, and they set out to rescue him. Working as a team, they and their friends were able to bring down the evil dictator and save the world. However, they could not keep their memories of Perry being a secret agent, lest he have to go away forever. Phineas, Ferb, and their friends had their minds erased by an Amnesia-inator, and have no recollection of their greatest adventure.

Months have passed, and the boys are now back in school. As they near their spring vacation, they don't know that another door has opened, and an even greater tale is about to unfold -- and they are in the center of it.

Chapter 1

A pre-teen boy with spiky red hair dashed through the hallway. He made a squeaky turn at a corner and continued to run past groups of other students who were at their lockers, getting books for their next class. The boy had to hurry, lest he be late for his next class, which was still a few halls away.

"Pant, pant, pant... Can't be late again, or else the teacher'll be mad", he thought to himself.


The young lad fell to the floor, face-first, and slid a few inches on the freshly waxed floor. He held his head up and turned around, to find one of his peers pointing and laughing at him.

"Oh, hey there. What's so funny?", the pre-teen questioned.
"What do you mean, what's so funny? You FELL! That's what's funny!", the bully replied.
"Doesn't seem so funny to me", the boy stated, getting up, "It's more of laughing at someone's misfortune than chuckling at a fine joke or something."
"Stop being such a dork, Phineas!", the bully growled.
"I'm just saying, what's the use of laughing at something that's not even funny?", the boy named Phineas inquired.
The bully grabbed Phineas by the collar. "You insultin' my sense of humor?"
"Hey, I don't mean to insult anything, I'm just merely voicing my opi--"
The bully raised his fist. "One more word, and my fist goes down your throat!"
"Why would you want to do that?"
"... Because what?"
"Because I can!"
"Because you can doesn't mean you should."
"Who are you, my mom?"
"I can't be your mom. Am I in my 40s? Am I female? Am I --?" The bully swung at Phineas, but the boy held his fighter's fist back.
"Why are you trying to punch me? Did I do something wrong?"
"You're getting on my nerves!"
"I apologize. If I'm such a bother, may I suggest you, uh, take your hand away from my collar?"
"That's what you want, isn't it?"
"Well, uh... Yeah, pretty much."
"Well you ain't gettin' it!"
"You're being kinda rude there, dude."
"I'm supposed to be!"
"Why would you want to be rude? Kinda dumb, isn't it? Wouldn't you rather be good, and help people out?"
"Are you saying I'm dumb?!"
"No, I'm saying your idea is dumb, though, if you came up with the idea, I guess that would make you somewhat dumb, not to make fun of you or anything, but y'know, if you just --"

Having enough of Phineas, the bully tightened his fist and lunged at the boy. Coming at him so fast, Phineas had no time to put up his arms to protect himself. The hand neared Phineas's triangle-shaped head...


Just an inch away from dealing damage, the bully turned his gaze to his left. Phineas did so as well. The hall had been emptied during the bully and Phineas's conversation, as the students had gone to class, so the person who had shouted was the only one in the vicinity of the duo. This person had wavy green hair, a square-like nose, and an eye that was, for some reason, taller than the other. His purple pants rose up to the top of his torso. He spoke with a thick British accent:

"Get your hand away from my brother."

The bully walked away from Phineas with a smirk, and up to the person who had just intruded upon his work.

"Ah, British boy. Come to save your bro?", the bully taunted.
"I don't want to fight. I just came here to make sure that you're not causing anyone bodily harm, like you always do."
"He was just about to do that! Right on time, Ferb!", Phineas cut in.
"Shut up, Phineas", the bully growled.
"Shut up, bully", Ferb retorted.
"Shut up, Ferb!", the bully yelled.
"Shut up, you three."

Phineas, Ferb, and the bully turned around to find the Principal's angry gaze upon them. He had brown, flat cut hair. He wore a suit, with a white t-shirt and a typical red tie. His hands were behind his back, and he had a displeased look on his face. The air had gotten eerily cold. It's bad enough to be in a fight, but to be in a fight after class had started, and to be approached by the Principal in the middle of this activity was even worse.

"Would you care to tell me why you three are not in class... and why you are arguing?", the Principal questioned.
"With all due respect, Mr. Principal, this bully here was about to hurt my step-brother, and I had to --", Ferb began.
"-- use violence to make him go away?", the Principal finished for him.
"No! It was not like that!", Ferb tried to explain.
"Yes, it was! You know you were going to", the bully lied.
"Stop lying", Ferb growled.
"Can I say something?", Phineas cut in once again.
"Yes, sure, go ahead, Flynn", the Principal stated.
"I was the victim here, do I get in trouble?", he asked.
"Possibly", the Principal replied.
"Why?", Phineas inquired.
"Because instead of getting help, you let your brother try to fight for you", the Principal explained.
"Ah, that's a good reason", Phin replied.

There was a long silence.

"Don't we have to go to class now?", Phineas asked.
"You were supposed to go to class minutes ago", the Principal explained.
"Then we're late! Well, it was nice talking to you, Mr. Principal, but I gotta go!"
Phineas tried to walk away, but the Principal stopped him.
"Consider yourself excused from class", the Principal stated.
"But it's math! We were going to learn some new algebra today!", Phineas said.
"Come to my office", the Principal stated, "All of you."
"But there's no math in your office", Phineas reminded.
"Phineas", Ferb cautioned.
"Hey, I just want to make sure I get a good education!"

A short walk later, Phineas, Ferb, and the bully were in the Principal's office. They sat in metal folding chairs, while the Principal took a seat in a large, fluffy chair that was meant for very important people, and seeing as the Principal was indeed a very important person, it was just right for him. On the desk were many photos of the Principal, both now and in his younger years, and of his family - the kind of things you'd expect on an employee's desk. He even had a nameplate with "Mr. Principal" written on it. The Principal looked at the trio.

"Phineas, Ferb, you're normally such nice boys. How did you get in this situation?", he asked.
Phineas pointed at the bully.
"Hey, don't blame me!", he retorted.
"Well, if you hadn't tripped me, we wouldn't have gotten in this mess", Phineas reminded.
"You tripped him?", the Principal questioned.
"Because he was running in the hall!", the bully explained.
"You were running in the hall?", the Principal inquired.
"My class was far away", Phineas stated.
"It doesn't give you a right to run in the hall!", the bully said.
"You'd do the same thing", Phineas insisted.
"Even if he was running, you don't trip someone if they're doing it. A simple tap on the shoulder and a reminder would suffice", Ferb suggested.
"Yes, that could seriously hurt someone!", the Principal added.
"Fortunately, I'm safe, so no harm done, right?", Phineas asked.
"Why are you all getting mad at me? He's the one who broke a rule!", the bully groaned.
"Because you are a troublemaker. And your name is Bully. Literally", Ferb explained.
"Why'd your mom name you that anyway?", Phineas questioned.
"She said it sounded masculine", the bully told.
"Well, it might give people the wrong idea. Even if you do live up to the name", Phineas said.
"I live up to the name? You mean, I'm a good bully?", he asked.
"Of course! The way you tripped me on the floor? That was pure, unbridled bully-ism", Phineas explained.
"Thanks, Flynn. I guess you aren't as much of a dork as I thought you were", the bully stated.
"What about me?", Ferb asked.
"I still hate you", the bully growled.
Ferb made a face that looked similar to this: >_>
"So is it all resolved then?", the Principal questioned. "Pretty much! Let's have pie!", Phineas suggested.
Ferb, the bully, and the Principal looked at him with a unamused glare.
"What? No one here likes pie?"
"Okay, Phineas, Ferb, I'll give you two passes to your next class. The bully, you have detention", the Principal explained.
"Oh yay", the bully muttered.
"Have a good day, boys", the Principal stated, handing them their passes. "Today's the last day of school before Spring Vacation, have a nice week off."
"Oh yeah, I forgot! Wow, this school year is going by pretty fast. Just a few more months and it's summer", Phineas realized.
"Yep. I still remember the last summer", Ferb replied.
"Yeah, we did so many cool things! Maybe we can construct a thing or two this vacation, for old times sake", Phineas suggested.
"Yes. Yes, we can", Ferb stated.
"Well, thanks Mr. Principal! See ya later!", Phin farewelled.

Phineas and Ferb, with their late passes, finally went to their math class. They opened the door, and found the teacher, a blond, yet somewhat overweight woman, writing on the chalkboard.

"A squared plus B squared equals --", she started.
" -- C squared!", Phineas finished.

The teacher and the class turned around and looked at the two boys who had just entered the room. Ferb, whistling, walked as if off-screen, leaving Phineas to be the center of attention.

"Where have you been?", the teacher asked.
"Oh, me and Ferb just had some stuff to take care of. Here, we have passes", Phineas stated.

Phin handed the teacher his pass and took a seat. Next to him sat one of his best friends, Isabella Garcia-Shapiro.

"Hey, Phineas. Whatcha -- er, where were ya?", she asked.
"I was at the Principal's office", Phineas told.
"The Principal's office? Did you do something bad?"
"No, actually, I was the victim of something bad."
"Oh my gosh!"
"No, don't worry, it's okay."
"Oh... that's good." Isabella of course would be worried if anything bad happened to the boy she had a crush on. Phineas was often oblivious to this crush of hers she had on him.
"So what are we learning?"
"The Pythagorean Theorem."
"Oh cool."
"So... Spring Vacation's almost upon us. You and Ferb planning anything?"
"Not at the moment, though there were a few things we were going to do last summer that we never got to. Maybe we'll resurrect some of those old plans."
"Just like old times, eh?
"Uh-huh. Hey, maybe we can get the whole gang back together again."

Phineas and Ferb's group of friends had gone their own ways since school had started. Baljeet had become one of the leading members of the Science Club, Buford had become one of the star players in the middle schooler's Football team, Django had realized his newfound talent for music, and Irving... well, he was doing Irving stuff. Though they had all contacted each other from time to time, they were mainly busy with their own duties. Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella were the only ones who regularly hung out with each other.

"Phineas!", the teacher called, "What's the answer?"
Phineas had been chatting with Isabella, and not paying attention, so the teacher had thought she had caught him in the act.
"4.83704849 × 1014", Phineas answered.
"How did you know that? You weren't even paying attention! Do you eyes on the back of your head?", the teacher inquired.
"Uh... Well, my eyes ARE kind of bulging out of my head, so, I guess I do, somewhat", Phineas replied.
The teacher made a face similar to this: :/
She looked back at the chalkboard and continued writing.
"Nice one", Isabella whispered.
"Thanks", Phineas replied.

After about half an hour of mathematics, the bell rang, symbolizing that class was over. Phineas and Isabella put their notebooks and pencils in their backpacks and left the room. Ferb caught up to the duo, and the three of them began to chat as they walked through the hall.

"So, are you doing anything later, Phine--er, I mean, guys?", Isabella asked, trying not to leave Ferb out.
"Not much. We'll probably just be doing our homework so we can spend the rest of the week having fun", Phineas explained.
"Really? That's, uh... that's nice...", she muttered.
Ferb rolled his eyes. He knew that Isabella liked Phineas, and he found Phineas's obliviousness quite humorous sometimes.
"Would you like to come over?", Ferb offered.
"YES! Er, I mean... Yeah, sure. Why not?", Isabella replied.
"Great. We can all do our homework together", Phineas suggested.
"Mm-hmm. It'll be great spending time with you, Phineas... uh, and you too, Ferb", Isabella quickly added.
Ferb glanced off to his side.
"Ah, here's my locker! Well, I'll see you two later", Isabella stated.
"Okay. See ya, Izzy", Phineas said.
Ferb waved.

Chapter 2


It was that time of day again. 3:00 PM. The time school ends. Students hastily stuffed their books into their backpacks and rushed out the classroom door, eager to start their Spring Vacation. Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella finished arranging the objects iotn their lockers, and went outside. They were met with a fresh cool breeze, which worked together with the bright, shining sun, to create an experience that one can only find in this beautiful season. Isabella bent down to pluck a small flower from the ground, and showed it to your friends.

"Isn't this flower so pretty?", she admired.
"Yes. Yes, it is. Pretty, just like...", Phineas began.
Isabella gasped. Was Phineas about to say what she hoped he'd say?
"... like this awesome chrome screwdriver I saw at the hardware shop the other day. It was all sparkly and transparent and stuff. Really looked great", he finished.
Isabella sighed.
The trio walked through the streets, chatting all the way, until they came to their houses, which were right across the street from each other.
"Well, see ya later Isabella!", Phineas called.
Isabella nodded and entered her house.
Phineas and Ferb went inside their household and plopped down on the couch. They turned on the TV, and watched.
"Meh... Hey, Ferb, do you think we could break out some of our old blueprints?", Phineas suggested.
Ferb gave a thumbs up and rushed upstairs. He came down a few seconds later with a treasure chest, and placed it down at he and Phin's feet. He opened it up. A bright light emitted from it, eventually settling down and allowing the duo to look inside.
"Look, Ferb! It's the blueprint for the Coolest Coaster Ever! And the backyard beach!", Phineas pointed out.
"And the rocket to outer space. And the time machine", Ferb added.
"Oh memories...", Phineas sighed.

Just then, their older sister, Candace, entered the house. She had a long neck that was surrounded by even longer orange hair. She wore a typical sleeveless red shirt, and a skirt, with a red belt. As usual, she was talking to one of her friends on her phone, most likely Stacy.

"Jeremy's gonna graduate in just a few months, and then he'll go off to college! What will happen to our relationship? Will we break up? Will I have to wait for him? Or --", she chatted.
Candace glanced over to her younger brothers.
"Phineas, Ferb, what are you doing?", she inquired.
"We're looking through some old blueprints of things we built over the sum--", Phin started.
"You're building more contraptions? Again? I thought you two were over this!", Candace stated.
"Well, we were --", the boy tried to explain.
"I don't have time for this. I've got to study for some big tests that I have when vacation is over. I can't busy myself with trying to bust you two", Candace retorted, and walked away.
"... Well, I hope she's not too busy", Phineas said.
"Yes, the last thing we need is for her to be reduced to a few cameos in this story", Ferb replied.

The family pet, Perry the Platypus, woke up from his sleep, and stretched in the little basket that he called his bed. He crawled over to Phineas and Ferb and gave his usual chatter.

"Oh, there you are, Perry. How was your day?", Phineas asked.
Perry gave him a mindless look.
"Right. You're a platypus. You probably didn't do much anyway", Phineas answered his own question.

Unbeknowst to the boys, Perry was actually a secret agent for the O.W.C.A., and he fought the forces of evil daily. Phineas, Ferb, and their friends had found out about this one time (Did you read the prologue?) but got their memories of ever finding out about him erased. Of course, that would soon change...


A couple of hours had passed. It was 5 PM. Phineas and Ferb were up in their room, negotiating what projects they should do over the course of the week, when the doorbell rang.

"Oh, that must be Isabella. Can you go get the door, Ferb?", Phineas asked.
Ferb walked down the stairs, and opened the door, to find the girl with her backyard on on the porch.
"Hey, Phine--er, Ferb. Where's Phineas?", Isabella inquired.
"Oh, he's upst--", Ferb began.
"Hey, Phineas! I'm here!", Isabella called.
Ferb made a facepalm.
"I'll be right down!", Phineas replied.
Ferb and Isabella took their seats in the living room and waited for the redhead to come down.
"So, uh... How's life?", Isabella asked Ferb.
"It's... life-y", Ferb replied simply.
Phineas came down the stairs with a bunch of blueprints in hand.
"Hey guys! I thought Isabella could help us pick which stuff to make after we do our homework", Phineas stated.
"Oh, yay!", Isabella cheered.
Phineas set the plans down on the table and reached into his pockets. He felt around, but he couldn't find his pencil.
"Hmm... that's weird... I must have left my pencil upstairs while I was gathering up the prints. I'll just go up and get it", Phineas said, and went up the stairs.

Phineas stepped up the stairs until he came to the entrance of his room. He stepped on something, and looked down. That something was his pencils. He pushed his foot down a bit more, causing the pencil to slide out from under his foot. He bent down to get it, but it rolled under the door to his room and inside. He opened the door, and went over to it. Once again, he lowered himself to the floor, and sought to pick it up. As he got it in his palm, a blinding light shone from the middle of the room.

Phineas stood up abruptly and gazed in front of him. A large, green portal emitted radiant light that nearly blinded the boy. He stepped back and covered his eyes as a loud "SHOOM!" was heard. After this, the light began to dim, and he removed his hands from his eyes and stared directly at his target. A foot emerged from the portal. Then a hand. Then a head. Then the entire body of the person came out of the portal and stood in the room. He looked exactly like Phineas, except for the fact that his skin was a slightly duller shade of peach than Phineas's. He had a buzzcut. He wore dark clothing, and a brace-like object surrounded his neck. In one hand, he held a screwdriver-like weapon. His other hand was clutched tightly.

This was 2nd Dimension Phineas.

He had a grim look on his face, as if he had just come from some horrible experience. But once he saw his 1st Dimension counterpact, he sprouted a smile, as if welcoming an old friend.

"Looks like I got to the right place. Finally", he said, satisfied. "Is it... really you?"
Phineas just stared blankly. He didn't know what to say.
"You're a bit quieter than I remember, but still! It's you!" Phineas-2 rushed to hug Phineas.
"Um... hi?", Phineas muttered.
"Gee, Phin, aren't you happy to see me?", he questioned.
"Well, I would be, but, uh... Who exactly is 'you'?"
"Don't pretend like you've forgotten all about me! It hasn't been that long, has it?"
"I met you before? When? Was it sometime last summer?"
"Yeah! Remember, when you went on a trip to my dimension"
"Your dimension? Wait, you're from an alternate dimension?"
"Uh-huh. Or, if you want to get technical, the 2nd Dimension. At least, that's what Dr. Baljeet says."
"I suppose that would explain why you look so much like me. And... 'Dr. Baljeet'? Is that the Baljeet of your dimension? Is he a doctor?"
"Well, he has a doctorate."
"Isn't he a little young to have a doctorate?"
"I... guess so."
"Okay, then. But if you say I went on a trip to your dimension before, how come I don't remember?"
"Do you have short term memory loss?"
"Then I have no idea."
"Could you try to refresh my memory?"
"Okay. When you came, our Tri-State Area was ruled by this evil guy called Doofenshmirtz. You, Ferb, and Candace came with me, the 2nd Dimension Ferb, Candace, Isabella, and Buford to rescue Perry from Doofenshmirtz..."
"Rescue Perry?"
"Yeah. For some reason, Doof wanted him captured."
"Why would a dictator want to capture a platypus? He doesn't do much."
"Doesn't do much? Your platypus was AWESOME! When we were trying to escape from the Norm Bots in the mine carts after rescuing him, he was able to knock a whole bunch of them out with the collar he had!"
"I'm... not quite sure I get what you're saying."
"And he had this 1940s fedora, too! He looked cool!"
"Perry had a hat?"
"So what you're telling me is that Perry isn't a mindless pet, and that he can actually fight? Plus, he has a hat?"
"Pretty muchly."
"... Bwah ha ha! Oh man, that's rich! Whoo hoo hoo! Dude, you are fun-ny!"

Downstairs, Ferb and Isabella were still waiting for Phineas to come down with his pencil. They could faintly hear the two Phineases' conversation, and to them, it seemed like Phineas was talking to himself.

"I think he's finally cracked", said Ferb.

"Ha ha! You know, I believed you with the other dimension part, but the rest? Ha! Impossible."
"Are you saying I'm a lier?"
"You WERE joking about that stuff... right?"
"No. I meant every word of it."
"Come on, Perry's just a platypus. He can't do that stuff. And it's not like he's been lying to us all this time."
"Maybe he has."
"I doubt it. Hey, what about your dimension Perry?"
"He used to fight Doofenshmirtz as a secret agent, but then Doof turned him into a cyborg! But now he's good and he's our pet again."
"A secret agent?"
"Yes. ... Hey, you don't think that your Perry is a secret agent, too? That would explain the fedora and the fighting."
"Alternate Me, I told you, he's just a PLATYPUS."
"Fine then, suit yourself."
"Why did you come here anyway?"
"Oh right... I almost forgot. Y'see, once Doofenshmirtz was taken down, peace and prosperity returned to my Danville. The darkness and insecurity left, and the sunshine and happiness came back. It was just like when me and Ferb were toddlers..."
"Well... now a new dictator rose up, right when me and Ferb were in the middle of our summer. He's even more powerful and evil than Doofenshmirtz, and the Resistance tried to rise up again and fight, but..."
"But what?"
"... We can't win. So we went to find the only people who could help us. The people who helped us LAST time... You."
"... Um... Well, I don't know what to say to that. I mean, really, it can't be that bad, can it?"
"Why don't you step through the portal... and see?"

Phineas-2 motioned Phineas to step through the portal and see for himself. Phineas was a bit cautious, but she did so anyway. He poked his head through the mass of green portal and opened his eyes to check out what was on the other side. And he couldn't believe his eyes.

It was his room. Well, that is, the 2nd Dimension him's room. It looked nearly identical to regular Phineas and Ferb's room, except for the fact that everything was a darker shade of color than their 1st Dimension counterparts. On one of the two beds sat a boy reading a piece of literature. He had green, buzzcut hair, similar to Phineas-2, and wore a dark green jacket with a black t-shirt underneath. He wore a pair of shades, and was reading a book entitled "Bringing Down Dictators: For Men of Action | 2011 Edition." No doubt that this was the 2nd Dimension Ferb.

Ferb-2 looked down from his book and spotted Phineas stepping through the portal.
"Oh, hey there, 1st Dimension Bro. Long time, no see", he greeted.
The rest of Phineas was pushed through the portal by Phineas-2.
"Whoa, hey!", Phineas stammered.
"Sorry 'bout that", Phineas-2 apologized, stepping through as well.
Ferb-2 got out of bed. "You guys didn't bring 1st Dimension Me? Drat, I was looking forward to seeing him", he complained.
"... I forgot?", Phineas-2 sheepishly replied.
"So this is the 2nd Dimension? It doesn't look that bad... but there's slightly more purple and black", Phineas noted.
"Yeah. Those are the dictator's favorite colors. Go figure", Phineas-2 stated.
"Villains typically love dark colors. They take them as... 'evil colors'", Ferb-2 added.
"Yeah, but that's not true. We wear black clothing, are we evil?", Phineas-2 asked.
"I think it just makes things more epic", Ferb-2 answered.
"What did you want me to see, Alternate Me?", Phineas inquired.
"Oh. Well, just look out the window", Phineas-2 suggested.

Phineas walked over to one of the windows and glanced outside. His eyes widened. The outside was the exact opposite of the beautiful and sunny Danville that he had come to know. Dark clouds covered the sky. The ground was covered in shadows. The streets were empty and barren. No living thing patrolled them. All the nearby houses were locked tight, and the shades drawn. It looked like a miserable place to live.

The only things that broke away from the eery darkness were a few stores that shown purple and black lights. There were signs such as "Get Your Clothes Here", leading to places where you would get the clothes mandatory to wear in this dictated town. Near the back of the town was a large, and high tower, with smoke pouring out of the chimneys.

"That's where the dictator lives", Phineas-2 stated grimly, "The person who was able to take over our town and enslave the citizens in just a week or two."
"He's so powerful... so evil... No one could stop him. Not the Tri-State Area's military, not the Resistance, nobody...", Ferb-2 added, solemnly.
"Oh my gosh... that's... that's horrible", Phineas replied, sadly.
"That's why we need your help, Phineas. You and your friends are the only ones who can help us overthrow him", Phineas-2 said, putting his hand on Phineas's shoulder.
"I... I can't", Phineas whispered.
"What?", Phineas-2 asked.
"I can't help you guys. This isn't my fight", he repeated louder.
"But you helped us last time! Maybe you can help us this time!", Phineas-2 said, trying to get Phineas to change his mind.
"I don't REMEMBER that time! How am I going to do the same thing I did then if I don't have a memory of the things that transpired?!", Phineas shouted.
"Well, uh, does anybody else you know remember?", Phineas-2 asked.
"I doubt it. They never even mentioned such an event. I don't know, Alternate Me...", Phin sighed, "I'm sorry... This is too much."
"Are you saying that we went through all this just to have you quit out on us? That's not the optimistic 1st Dimension Bro I remember!", Ferb-2 growled.
Phineas began to back away.
"Guys... I'd really like to help you, but... I'm just a kid. What can I do?", Phineas sulked.
"You can do a lot of things! When we first met, you told me and my brother of all the things you did! You constructed a rollercoaster, you made a platy-pult, you --", Phineas-2 started.
"But none of that included trying to fight a dangerous person who could potentially kill me!", Phineas retorted.
Phineas-2 sighed in distraught. "Phineas, you know how much this means to us. This is our home. You can't just back down."
Phineas looked at Phineas-2. He had tears forming in his eyes.
"Alternate Me, listen... I... *sigh*... Maybe... I could help... a bit?", Phineas whispered.
"Y-you mean it?"
"Yes. I know I would need help if I was in a situation like this."
Phineas-2 ran and glomped his 1st Dimension self.
"Thank you so much! You have no idea how much this --"
Just then, a light shone through the window and filled the room.
"They're onto us!", Ferb-2 shouted. He ran to the window and drew the blinds shut.
"Everyone just be quiet", he whispered, "and don't make a s--"

CRASH! A team of men with large gun-like weapons knocked down the door and faced the trio. They wore masks, so only they're eyes could be seen, and they wore clothes symbolizing that they were official employees of the dictator.

"Crud, I made a sound", Ferb-2 muttered.
"RUN!", Phineas shouted.

He began to make a dash for the portal back to his room, with Phineas-2 and Ferb-2 following him. One of the men fired their weapon at Phineas, who ducked and rolled through the portal back into his room. The ammo hit the machine that was powering the portal, and the portal shut to a close. Phineas landed on his bedroom floor as the door to the other dimension disappeared.

Phineas panted on the ground. He was happy to get out alive, but what happened to the other Phineas and Ferb? Before he could contemplate this, Ferb and Isabella burst into the room.

"Phineas, why is it taking so long for you to get a darn pencil?", Isabella scolded.
Ferb picked up the pencil from the floor and handed it to Phineas.
"B-b-but... th-there was...", Phineas stammered.
"Come on, Phin", Isabella said, walking with the bewildered boy down the stairs.

Perry was outside the door, and he been watching everything that happened. He chattered nervously. This was going to be a problem. A BIG problem.

Back in the 2nd Dimension, Phineas-2 landed and slid on the floor after the portal closed. Ferb-2, despite his setback, quickly found a solution. He grabbed a metal plate from a nearby table and used it as a shield as the men opened fire with their weapons. After they ran out of ammo, Ferb-2 chucked the plate at them, knocking a couple out. Another man without a weapon came at him and threw a punch. Ferb ducked and punched the man's torso, and held his hand in pain afterward since the man's torso was made of hard material.

The man swiped at Ferb-2 once more. Ferb-2 dodged the attacked and tripped the man on the floor with a quick swiff of his foot. As he fell, the man grabbed his opponent's foot, and he tumbled to the ground as well. The man pulled off the black glove he wore, revealing sharp nails upon his fingers. The man was about to scratch Ferb-2 with them, but another soldier stepped on his head.


Ferb-2 looked up and saw that the soldier was holding a knife-like weapon with which he was about to use to stab the child. Ferb-2 held his hands over his face in a failed attempt to protect himself, as the soldier lunged at him. Fortunately, at the last second, Phineas-2 was able to block the soldier's attack with his own screwdriver-like weapon (which I mention earlier in the chapter with Phineas-2 first stepped into Phineas's room), and hit him across the face with it, knocking the soldier out.

"We've got to get out of here before more of them come!", Phineas-2 shouted.
Ferb-2 nodded, and the two ran over to the wall and pressed a few buttons on the activator on the wall. This caused a hidden door to open.
"STOP RIGHT THERE!", one of the new men yelled, busting into the house. By now, many vans and helicopters were outside the Flynn-Fletcher house.
Phineas-2 and Ferb-2 stepped inside the room and the hidden door shut. The room within the door was an elevator, and he began to descend, taking the duo to the Resistance's underground headquarters.
"Great. Now what are we going to do?", Phineas-2 asked in frustration.
"Lay low. Keep quiet. Stay safe. And hope that Phineas and Ferb find a way back into this dimension", Ferb-2 replied.

Back at the Flynn-Fletcher's house, Ferb and Isabella had sat down with Phineas, who was still traumatized by what he had gone through.

"Phineas, what took you so long to get your pencil?", Isabella asked.
"Th-th-the men... th-th-the weapons... th-th-the --", the boy stammered.
"PHINEAS!", Ferb shouted.
"Wha?!", Phineas gasped, coming to his sense after Ferb's aprupt yell.
"Isabella wants to talk to you", Ferb stated, pointing to the girl.
"Oh, uh... yes?", Phineas asked.
"What took you so long to get your pencil? What happened up there?", she inquired.
"Yes, that. Um... y'see... I..."
Should he tell Ferb and Isabella about what he had seen? About the 2nd Dimension? About the journey he couldn't remember? About the danger of Alternate Danville... and alternate him?
Fortunately, at that moment, the boys' parents, Linda and Lawrence entered the house, after a long day of work.
"Whew... Man, what a day? Oh hey, kids. How was school?", Linda questioned.
"Hi, Mom. School was good", Phineas and Ferb replied.
"Hey, Mrs. Fletcher. School was absolutely serendipitous!", Isabella added.
Phineas and Ferb stared at Isabella.
"What? I like to change up my vocabulary once in awhile", she explained.
"Well, I'm going to go lay down in bed after the work I've done at the factory. See ya, kids", Lawrence said as he trudged up the stairs.
"Bye, Dad", Phineas and Ferb waved.
"Farewell, Mr. Fletcher. Have a pleasant rest in your --", Isabella started.
"Isabella, really", Ferb interrupted.
"What?", Isabella replied.
"Hey, how's about we get to our math now, eh guys?", Phineas suggested.
"That reminds me, you STILL didn't tell us about why you were up there so long!", Isabella remembered.
Phineas gulped. What would he do now? He would have to say something now, there were no more interruptions. He only had one choice...
"Erm... I was... in the bathroom! Yes, that's it. I was in the bathroom", Phineas lied.
Ferb and Isabella looked at him with unamused glares.
"The bathroom?", Isabella asked, unsure.
"Yep. It, uh... took awhile, but I... er, finally got it out, so to speak", the boy continued, his eyes shifting from side to side nervously.
"But we heard you talking to yourself", Isabella pointed out.
"That was my alt--um, I mean, I like to entertain myself while I'm on the toilet. I mean, what was I supposed to do, play with my pencil?", Phineas asked.
Ferb and Isabella exchanged glances and then looked back at Phineas.
"Okay, then... Phin... So, uh, let's get starting on this... What's 2(a+6) plus 5(b-8) if a equals 3 and b equals 12?", Isabella read.
"Oh, that's simple. 38", Phineas answered.

The trio went on to do their homework for the next hour, then they chatted about the blueprints, had a few snacks, and laughed, as friends do. Hours later, after Isabella had left, the two brothers did their nightly routines and went to bed. Ferb began to snore, but Phineas was still in deep thought about the events of the day. He whispered quietly to himself:

"Should I have lied to them like that? But if I told the truth and we all went back together, we'd all get hurt! I mean, just look at when those men busted into the house. I barely escaped with my life. If we even attempted to infiltrate the dictator's castle, where they are a LOT more of those guys, we might not be able to... *sigh*... And what happened to Alternate Me and Ferb? Did they get caught? What would happen to them? Did they escape? Where would they go? I don't know what to think anymore..."

All of this put a damp in Phineas's usually happy mood. After all, he was just a typical middle schooler. How was he going to face such a big threat? There was a possibility he could win, what with his ingenuity and smarts, but what if he didn't? What if they failed? What would happen to them then? As the redhead contemplated this, Perry walked into the room with his usual chatter, jumping on Phineas's bed, and nuzzled down.

"Oh, hey there, Perry. What do you think I should do?", Phineas asked, petting his pet.
Then he remembered what Phineas-2 had said earlier that day. About Perry possibly being a secret agent. Phineas-2 had been right about everything else, why shouldn't he be right about that? Was Phin just in denial? Refusing to believe that his pet was not all he seemed to be?
Phineas took the platypus and held him up to eye level.
"Perry, please. Be honest with me. Are you a secret agent?", he asked solemnly.
Perry's eyes looked in opposite directions.
"Don't toy with me now. I need to know the truth", Phin pleaded.
Perry just wore a blank expression.
"Last chance. Are you leading a secret double life, or are you not? You can trust me", he said.
Phineas set Perry down on the floor.
"I guess you're not. I mean, with all the things we've been though, I would've thought that you could trust me with this info. Because... well, because we're best buds. Oh, I'm just crazy... There's no one way you could be an agent, right? It's a bunch of nonsense...", Phineas muttered.
He laid his head down on his pillow and tried to get some peaceful shuteye.
Perry dropped from Phineas's bed and crawled outside. Once there, he leaned against the wall and shed a tear. He wasn't sure how long he could deal with this... this lying to his owners in order to keep his identity secret.

Chapter 3

The next morning, Perry was leaning against the wall, snoring, with a drop of drool coming out of the right part of his mouth, when his wristwatch buzzed. He woke up abruptly, yawned, wiped the drool off his mouth, and checked his watch. He had to report to his lair for a mission briefing from his boss, Major Monogram. Perry jumped onto the stairs railing and slid down, eventually falling off and bouncing on the couch. He then took down the painting from the wall, reached and pulled his agent hat from thin air with which he planted on his head, and leaped inside. He slid down a tube and sped past an underground transit system which took various Organization Without a Cool Acronym (a.k.a. O.W.C.A.) agents to their respective lairs as well.

Perry, now under his persona as Agent P, landed in his lair, and ran over to his chair. He spun around in it until he faced a dashboard, and he pressed a button, revealing an image on the large screen above him, and his employer came into view.
"Good morning, Agent P. The evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz is up to his old tricks. For reasons unknown, he's been studying the effects of sleep on human beings. The ironic thing is that, while he's researching it, he's up all night, losing sleep! Ho ho ho!", Monogram chuckled.
"It's not that funny, sir", his intern, Carl replied in the background.
"Yes it is, Carl. You just don't know something funny when you see it."
"Yes I do, sir."
"Oh really?"
"Then how come you didn't laugh at the irony of Doof?"
"Because it wasn't funny."
"Yes, it -- Heh heh, Doof! Ha ha ha!"
"It's not that humorous, sir."
"See, there you go again! You have no sense of humor!"
"I do! Want me to tell a joke, sir?"
"Fine, Carl. Hit me with your the best shot."
"Alright. *ahem* Why did the chicken cross the street?"
"To get to the other side! Bwah ha ha ha! Bwah ha ha ha!"
A "THUD!" sound is heard, and Carl rolls on the floor, tearing with laughter.
"Carl, I just... Ugh. I don't know about you sometimes."
Major Monogram turned to face his agent, who was becoming bored.
"Yes, so, on your way, Agent P."
Agent P saluted his boss and rushed over to his rocket car. He jumped inside and started the motor. The car began to roar to life, and flew up, puffs of smoke emitting from underneath it. He took off into the sky through a hole in the ceiling, on his way to defeat the dastardly Doofenshmirtz.

Meanwhile, back in the boys' room, Phineas awoke with a yawn and a stretch. He glanced at his clock. 6:30 AM. It was still pretty early. He got out of bed and crept down the stairs towards the kitchen to get a nice, cold, glass of water. He opened the refrigerator and pulled out a pitcher. He poured the liquid contents within into a glass cup he took from a nearby cabinet. He put the pitcher back into the frige and raised the cup to his mouth. He galiantly gulped it down, until the cup was completely empty, save for a few drops on the sides. He placed the cup on the counter and wiped his face. He rinsed the cup and placed it back into whence it came, and started towards the stairs again.

However, 'twas then he noticed that the painting that was normally on the wall was on the couch. He took the picture, sat up on the couch, and went to put it back on the wall when he saw that there was a mysterious hole there. Apparently, this hole was hidden by the painting for quite sometime. How long had it been there? Should he see where it led? Phineas stuck his head inside the hole, and was immediately sucked in.

"Aaaaahhhh!", he yelled, as he fell face-first through the tube.
He looked to the sides and saw many animals wearing hats riding by in carts around him.
"Huh? What are those --?"
Just then, the surroundings were blocked out by a wall. He was nearing Agent P's lair.<br? "Where the heck am I -- Waah!"
Phineas was able to land right on the floor, head-first. He closed his hand and braced her impact, but once his head hit the ground, it didn't hurt. He opened his eyes and saw that his triangle head had aligned perfectly with the floor, and that no damage was done.
"I guess that's one of the advantages of having a cranium like this", he stated, pleased.
Phineas got up and looked around the room. It was eerily quiet, and the room didn't have much in it, except for the tube that he had come in, and a desk near the rear of the room which had a container that held the hat that Agent P wore when he wasn't using it, or hiding it somewhere near him.
There was also a one-car parking lot next to it, where Agent P parked his rocket car.
Phineas turned around and saw the giant screen and control pad in front of him.
"Nyaah! Wh-what is this...?", he asked, unable to believe all this stuff had been here and no one in their family had noticed this.
Phineas slowly sat down in the chair, and after realizing that nothing bad would happen, faced the control pad. He spotted a button labled "ON", and pressed it. The screen turned on.
"Hello, Agent P", the voice on the screen shouted, "What would you like to do?"
Four options were shown on screen: "Talk to Your Major", "View Photos", "Use Internet", and "Turn Off."
"'Major'? Do they mean a college major?", Phineas wondered, "View photos? What kind of photos? Do I dare...?"
Phineas used the mouse to move the arrow over to the "View photos" option. It opened a folder of pictures that the agent had saved to the computer
"What?! Wait... no... I-it can't be...", Phineas gasped.
These photos were of Perry, with his agent hat, posing with numerous people.
"He's on his hinds legs... he has a hat... he looks just like... no... no, it's not true...", he panicked.
Phineas scrolled through pictures of Perry posing with Doofenshmirtz, Vanessa, Norm, other agents, Major Monogram, Carl, other majors, even other villains, that were taken throughout the year, until he came to find some with... him and Ferb, that looked very familiar.
"Wh-wh-what? H-he's with us... Next to some caged monster... pointing and laughing at a robot... on top of a robot dog with some more robots in the background... holding up a couch cushion that was peed on?! Alternate Me was right... Perry really is a... a..."
Phineas couldn't say anymore. He didn't know what to say anymore.
All he knew was that his pet, the pet he loved with a passion for over 5 years had lied to him.
Had lied to him all his life.
Had lied to him last night.
That was where Perry had gone to all those times during the summer. He went to go fight some bad guy.
How could Phineas have been so dumb? To not put two and two together and figure out the truth?
Most of all, he had been foolish to think that Perry had trusted him, and that he could Perry. Most assuredly, Perry didn't love them at all. He probably just used them as a host family. As a cover.
Phineas thought of how he had annoyed Alternate Him yesterday. How he had just laughed in his face. What a fool he must have seemed like.
He realized how right the other Phineas was. That indeed, they had opened a door to another dimension before, and that they had saved dual worlds. But, somehow, they had all forgotten about it. How?
Perry. He had erased their minds. He had made them forget his secret. Apparently, he didn't trust anyone enough, he wanted to keep his secret to himself, and wiped, perhaps, the biggest adventure they ever had from their memories.
Phineas was outraged at this. He couldn't believe this. But now, there was one thing he had to do before he did anything else.
He had to get back into the 2nd Dimension.
And he couldn't do it alone.

Phineas walked over to the tube he had dropped down from, and put his head in it.
"Hmm... I wonder if it works when I -- YAAAAAAAAAH~"
Before the boy could finish his sentence, the tube sent him rocketing back up into the living room. He bounced off the couch and landed on the chair.
"... Apparently, yes. Yes, it does."

Ferb lay on his bed, snoring. Phineas tapped him on the shoulder.
"Ferb? Buddy? You awake?"
Ferb opened his mouth and yawned then nuzzled his face against his pillow again.
Phineas started to shake him.
"Bro, I need to tell you something."
"But Mommy, I don't want to go to school today...", Ferb muttered before going back to his usual snores.
Phineas looked for something around the room to wake his sibling up. He spotted an electric tool on the desk, and picked it up. He put it to Ferb's ear and pressed a button causing it to "WHURR!" loudly.
"Waaah!" Ferb sat straight up in his bed. "*pant pant* Phineas? Why did you do that for?"
"I need to show you something. Something very important."

Phineas led Ferb to the living room, and pointed to the hole in the wall.
"Hole in the Wall? Sounds like a show I've heard of before", Ferb rememembered.
"Stay on track. Look, this tube is the entrance to a liar", Phineas explained.
"A lair?", Ferb inquired, sticking his head in the hole, "Who in this house would have a la-eeerrrrrrr~"
A few seconds later, Ferb landed on the floor of Agent P's lair.
"What was... that?"
Just then, Phineas landed on top of Ferb, causing him more pain.
"My spleen...", Ferb groaned.
"Oh, sorry 'bout that", Phin apologized, helping him up.
"How peculiar... Now who would own something like this?", the British boy questioned.
"I have no idea. But here, come over to this giant screen", Phineas motioned.
The two walked over to it, and Phineas turned it on. Once again, the four options appeared on screen.
"'Talk to major', 'view photos'... Wait, do they mean 'major' as in the college thing? How would you talk to that?", Ferb wondered.
"Beats me", Phin replied.
"Let's try it out!", Ferb suggested, moving the mouse to click on the option.
An image formed on the screen, resembling the office that Major Monogram usually is in when he briefs Agent P on his missions, but at the moment, it was empty.
"Hmm... Looks like it doesn't work. Oh well", Phineas sighed, "What I really want to show you is the pictures..."

Meanwhile, back at the O.W.C.A. headquarters, Carl was working on his computer, when he saw a notice stating that someone had requested to talk to the major.
"Who's this from? Agent P? But isn't he supposed to be off on his mission?", Carl pondered.
Carl went over to the camera control unit and turned it on, so that on a screen above him, videos taken directly-fed from agent's lair would be displayed.
The camera on the ceiling of Agent P's lair came into focus, and Carl saw that Phineas and Ferb were there!
"Oh my gosh! I've got to tell Major Monogram about this right away!", Carl gasped and ran down the hall.

Phineas clicked on the "View photos" option, and showed Ferb the pictures.
"Is that... Perry?", Ferb stated in amazement.
"Yeah... it is", Phineas replied, solemnly.
"But he has a hat, and he's standing on his hind legs and... he's posing! This doesn't make any sense!", Ferb shouted.
"Ferb... The truth is, Perry's a secret agent. He's been keeping this from us all this time", Phinesa explained.
"Why would he -- Wait, how do you know this?", Ferb crossed his arms.
"Remember yesterday when it took forever for me to get my pencil? It wasn't because I was in the bathroom... It's 'cause myself from another dimension came into my room and told me about all this", Phineas stated.
"Ah ha! Me and Isabella knew you were lying!", Ferb retorted.
"How did you figure it out?", Phineas asked.
"Phin... you just can't lie, okay? Let's leave it at that", his brother simply said, putting his hand on his shoulder.
"Eh, good enough."
"But do you have proof that this 2nd Dimension self came to meet you? Or are you fibbing again?"
"I'm telling the truth. Look at these other pictures."
Phineas scrolled down and showed Ferb the pics of them and Perry on their adventure.
"I don't remember those being taken", Ferb muttered.
"Neither do I. According to the Other Me, we once found out Perry's secret and we went on this big journey with him to other dimension where we fought this evil dude and stuff, but in the end, I guess Perry just wiped our minds."
"He doesn't want us to know?"
"Of course not. He doesn't trust us! And we shouldn't trust him. All those times we said he never did much... He did. All the times we asked 'Hey, where's Perry?', he was off fighting some wacko. And he's probably doing that right now."
"We'll be able to clear things up with him once he comes back, I'm sure of it. But we have bigger matters. Why did the Alternate You come here anyway?"
"Oh, I forgot! Y'see, after we defeated the evil dictator, he and the Other You --"
"There's another me? I wonder if he's as handsome as moi... Heh heh."
"Yeah, right. Anyway, they all lived in peace for awhile, but then a new threat came up and... well, you should've seen it. The town, i-it's terrible... It's all dark and eery and lonely. Really looks bad."
"You saw it?"
"The Other Me took me there."
"What happened then?"
"Some guys found him... then they attacked us. I was able to escape, but... the Other You and Me... I'm not so sure."
"We have to go back to their dimension and help them!"
"I know. That's why I woke you up. I need your help to make a portal to their dimension so we can help them get their Tri-State Area back."
"What are we waiting for, then, Phin? Let's get building!", Ferb said bravely.
Phineas nodded, with a smile. He could always count on his step-brother. Unlike another certain semi-aquatic mammal he could think of...

Speaking of which, that semi-aquatic had just jumped in through the window into the apartment of evil scientist Heinz Doofenshmirtz, and landed on the floor, reading for battle.
"Ah, Perry the Platypus!", the Doctor greeted, "Your arrival was... uh... some word with a prefix. And by that word with a prefix, I mean that word sans prefix! Uh... this isn't working. You know what, Perry the Platypus, just come over here so I can show you my invention."
Agent P got out of his battle stance and walked with the Doof over to an -inator.
"Do you ever find yourself staying up all night, not able to get any sleep? Like, you're in your bed and you're attempting to get shut-eye, but you just can't drift off? Well, I've been dealing with that too, recently. So, I built the Nappy-inator! No relationship to the Nanny-inator I made last summer. This had a 'p' in it. Two 'p's actually. P squared. PP."
Agent P snickered.
"What's so fun--Oh, the PP thing. Perry the Platypus, you are such a child. Besides, didn't we have a toilet-related joke last chapter? What, is the author running out of ideas or something? I bet I could do a better job than him!"
At that moment, the author's hand came on-screen, and with an eraser, wiped Doofenshmirtz's mouth off of his face.
"Hmm? Mmrf!", the Doctor muttered, feeling around where his mouth usually was.
Agent P giggled.
Doofenshmirtz took a sigh and shook at fist at the air, and muffled something that sounded like "Curse you, fourth-wall breaking author~"

Back at the Flynn-Fletcher backyard, Phineas and Ferb had begun to make their Other Dimension traveling machine.
"Hmm... There's something missing here. I can't put my finger on it though", Phineas noted.
Ferb handed his brother a computer chip in a bag.
"Ah, yes, the chip! Without this, we won't be able to open a portal. Let me just put this in here... Here we go!", Phineas said, "Would you like to do the honors, Ferb?"
Ferb flipped the switch on, but the machine didn't do anything.
"That's weird... we have everything - Oh wait, we need to plug it in!", Phineas discovered.
Ferb went into the house to get several feet of extension cord.

Meanwhile, Candace, who was in her room, began to wake up. She smacked her lips and looked at her surroundings. She must have fallen asleep while studying last night, because she was still in her daytime clothes, and her textbook was on her lap.
"Eh, at least now I can say studying literally put me to sleep. Huh? Hey, what's going on outside?"
Candace got out of her bed and walked over to the window and looked out. Phineas was in the backyard next to his invention, while Ferb was getting the cords.
"Ugh, I can't believe it! The first day they get on vacation, and they're already back to building their - No. I'm not going to get involved with this again. I have put my busting past behind me. I shall continue my studies and won't pay a lick of attention to what they are doing!"
Candace sat down on her bed and picked up her textbook and began reading. However, she couldn't pay much attention, since he kept gazing at her window.
"No... must... fight... urge...", she grunted, and smacked herself across the face. "*pant* Whew. Okay. Now, my work." She continued reading.

Ferb came out of the house with feet and feet of extended cord. He went to the machine and plugged it in to the extended cord. The machine began to "WHURR!" and it lit up. A laser ray on the top of the machine shot out a burst of green light, and a circular door formed.

"Well... we got this far. Let's see how much more we can go", Phineas said, and took a deep breath. He and Ferb slowly began to step through the portal. Legs first... then their bodies and arms... and finally, their heads. The brothers came out on the other side, and witnessed a world much different than what they were used to.

It looked just like how Phineas had seen it from inside Phineas-2 and Ferb-2's house, except now, instead of being in the safe, comfortable, and lighted home, they were out in the dark, cold, silent backyard of the house.

"Brrr... it's c-c-colder than I remember!", Phineas shivered.
"What has that dictator done to this place?", Ferb wondered.
"He turned it from a wonderful town to a post-apocalyptic wastleland is what he did! And we've got to stop him!", Phineas explained, and began to step forward.
After he took his first step, light from helicopters, aircrafts, and ground level flashlights surrounded him.
The same men who had invaded the house yesterday had stayed overnight... and brought a few more troops in case there was anyone else trying to enter or break out.
"Whoops", Phin muttered.
"What do we do now?", Ferb muttered.
"Isn't it simple? We run away, scared for our lives, yelling for help and/or mercy", he told.
Ferb nodded. "Good plan."
The two brothers did so, and tried to run out of the backyard. As they approached the fence, more men ran up to them, shooting their weapons.
Phineas and Ferb stopped just inches away from where bullets from the weapons landed, and made a quick turn back towards the portal.
"Come on, we have to close it! It's too risky to go out now!", Phineas shouted.
The two ducked as the men swiped at them with axes and maces and rolled on the grass. They jumped up and sprinted for the door back to their dimension.
Suddenly, a large ball of electrical energy flew over their heads and hit the tree in the backyard, causing part of it burn to flames.
The thrower of this ball was a robot, similar to the Normbots that Phin and Ferb had encountered on their initial travel across dimensions, manufactured by the dictator's command to work with his army of men.
There was not only one robot however, there were several. All were ready, with blasters in place of their arms, to deal damage to the kids.
The boys went through the portal and landed back home.
"Turn it off!", Phineas pleaded.
Ferb struggled to get up, but did, and raced to the machine. As he was about to flip the switch to shut it down, some of the robots and men passed through the portal and shot at him!
Ferb jumped to the side, as one of the energy balls hit the ground and burst, causing a small fire.
Ferb crawled away from the fire as it quickly spread across the backyard. He stopped next to Phineas, and the two sat and stared in fear at the dictator's minions closing in on them, ready to annihilate.

Candace, in her room, hearing the ruckus from outside, rushed over to the window.
She saw Phineas and Ferb, helplessly on the ground, with the fire blazing around them, and the robots and men pointing their projectiles at them.
Candace quickly grabbed her purse and filled it with a bunch of objects - her textbook, cell phone, wallet, water bottles, etc. - hung it over her back, and dashed out the door.
Swiftly, elegantly, and quietly, he slid down the railing of the stairs and burst out the door.
She rushed to the scene. "Guys, are you okay?!"
Phineas turned around and saw his sister, her orange hair, waving in the morning breeze. "Yes, we're he--*cough cough*"
Candace pulled out one of the water bottles, and splashed water on the flames separating her from her siblings.
"Come on!", she yelled.
Phineas and Ferb got up, but the men began to fire rapidly again!
Candace slid on the grass over to her brothers and stood up in front of them using her purse as a shield. The bullets bounced off the decorative pearls on them, right back at the men.
The men dodged and ran, trying to escape that of which they fired in the first place.
"Back into the house, now!", Candace ordered.
"The portal! We need to turn it off!", Phineas yelled, pointing to the machine.
"I'll do it! You guys get in, where it's safe!", their sister reassured.

The boys did as they were told, and started for the house. Candace went towards the machine, but the robots weren't going to give up yet. They joined their blasters together, which morphed into a cannon-like object, which they used to fire a large ball of energy towards the teenage girl.

Phineas turned around, and saw the robots about to fire.
"Candace, look out!", Phineas warned.
The girl turned around and saw the ball coming straight at her. She froze in fear unable to move.
Phin did just above the nicest, bravest, and somewhat stupidest thing anyone could do at that moment. She dashed for his sister, and jumped in front of her, taking the blow.
Phineas flew back and crashed into the oak tree, then fell to the ground, unconscious.
"PHINEAS!", Candace and Ferb screamed.

Back at D.E.I., Perry felt a sudden disturbance.
He could hear one of his owners' names being called in the background, and he felt a bad feeling in his gut.
Something was wrong. Very wrong.
Perry pulled out his jet pack and turned it on. He placed it on his back and blasted off towards the suburbs - towards his home.
Dr. Doofenshmirtz noticed this, and ran over to the edge to scold Perry for leaving him without telling him, but nothing came out due to his lack of mouth.

Candace ran to her brother's aid. He laid on the ground, lifeless. Not a single piece of life seemed to be emitted from the child.
Even Ferb ran over the duo to see if he was okay.
"Phineas? Phin, talk to me! Phineas!", Candace shouted, shaking him.
"Bro? Bro, are you there? Calm on! Wake up!", Ferb pleaded.
The robots edged towards them, blasters at the ready.
"Phineas, get up NOW!", Candace gritted through her teeth.
The robots charged their blasters.
"NOW! GET UP NOW!", Ferb screamed.
The energy began to shine out from the blaster's holes.
Ferb and Candace closed their eyes and put their hands in front of their faces, awaiting the enivitable.
It seemed all hope was lost, when...


Ferb and Candace opened their eyes and gazed in amazement at who had come to save them.
A blue animal with an orange beak and bill, and a brown fedora upon his cranium flew down from the sky and kicked one of the robots right in its head!
The robot flew back, crashing into the other metal minions, and they all tumbled to the ground and exploded!
The monotreme landed on the ground as the robots blew up behind, and he stroke a pose with his righthand on the grass, his lefthand in the air behind him, his right leg in front of him, and his left leg in back. Visually, it looked like a promotional still from The Powerpuff Girls Movie.
"Perry!", Ferb screamed in joy.
"That's Perry? That doesn't make any sense! Perry doesn't fight, nor does he have the hat thing -", Candace started.
"Sister, believe me. That is Perry. Now come on, since they're all taken out, let's go back in the portal", the British boy explained.
"Go in there? Isn't there where all those robots and bad guys came from? There are probably more in there, waiting to blast us! Do you want to get killed?!", she shouted in disbelief.
"Candace, please", Ferb said, taking her hand, "Trust me."
"Ferb, we can't --!"
"TRUST me." The two looked in each other's eyes.
Candace thought for a moment.
"Oh... fine. Let's go."

Candace held the lifeless Phineas in her arms as she and Ferb walked towards the portal back to the dystopian world.
Candace side-glared at Perry.
"You have a lot of explaining to do", she muttered in suspicion.
The agent smiled sheepishly and joined the trio to the 2nd dimension.

Chapter 4

Carl rushed over to Major Monogram, who was asleep in his office.
"Sir, sir! Wake up!", the intern yelled.
"Mutter, mutter... Mommy, I don't want to go to war yet... Can it wait 'til 10?", the Major stuttered in his sleep.
Carl shook Major Monogram repeatedly.
"Who?! Huh?! Whazat?!", Monogram shouted, waking up on the spot.
"Sir, we've got important news!", Carl cautioned.
"Great googly moogly, Carl, didn't I tell you not to interrupt me during my beauty sleep?"
"This is critical to the agency, sir!"
"Critical? Well, don't wait, spit it out."
"You know Agent P, right?"
"Of course I do! Why would I forget one of my top agents?"
"His owners, Phineas and Ferb, found his lair!"
"What?! Great googly --"
"You said that already, sir."
"I can repeat lines as much as I want, Carl!"
"But it's repetitive."
"I don't care, I'm a Major, I can be as repetitive as I want. Oh great, I lost my train of thought."
"I was telling you about Phineas and Ferb finding Agent P's lair."
"Oh, yes! Horrible! We will have to get over to their house and do whatever actions are necessary right away."
"Can I send the army, sir?"
"Eh, why not, we haven't used them for a good while now." "Should I send the tough guys, or the soft guys?"
"The soft."
"Oh, but I like seeing the tough guys kick butt."
"We don't want to attract too much attention. But if kicking butt means so much to you, we'll use the medium strength army."
"Oh yay!"

Carl pressed a button on the control pad that Monogram was working before he began to catch "Z's", which started an alarm that blared across the building. In the room where the medium strength army resided...

"Hey, that's our alarm!", one of the men realized.
"Yay! We finally get to kick butt!", another cheered.
The men ran out of the room over to the loading station, where vehicles such as helicopters and tanks were kept.
The army got into these vehicles and began to start downtown.
"Hey wait... where the heck are we supposed to go, anyway?", a soldier in a helicopter inquired.
Major Monogram then began to speak on the radio.
"Hello, soldiers. The secret identity of one of our agents is in jeopardy. We need you to get to 2308 Maple Drive and quickly apprehend whoever is currently there, with stealth and ease. Major out."
"Hmm... so that's where we're supposed to go", the soldier muttered.

Meanwhile in the 2nd Dimension...

A dark and silent room becomes the focus of the picture. A lone light shines in through a single window, forming a square shape on the floor, with small particles of dust floating in the ray of light. In the middle of the room is a throne, sitting in it is a person in a black cloak, sitting quietly in the chair. In front of the throne is a long carpet that stretches all the way to the doors on the other side of the room.

The doors burst open, and one of the denizens of the castle in which the throne was in, rushed up to the man in black cloak with a paper in hand. "My lord... you must see this", the visitor stated, handing the man the paper.

The man took the paper and looked at it intently. He wore a hood over his head that almost completely covered it, save for his eyes and the top part of his nose.

"What is this?", the man questioned in a deep, menacing voice.
"You... you may remember the Resistance?", the visitor asked.
"That pathetic group of children who dared to challenge me and were defeated? What about them?"
"Some of the members of that group look nearly identical to the children in that photo", the visitor pointed out.
The man looked at the paper again. Ferb, Candace holding Phineas in her arms, and Perry were seen running through the streets in the photo.
"So then they are trying to trick us by wearing different clothing? That will never work", the dictator claimed, and threw the paper on the floor.
"No... we, that is, me and the rest of your loyal servants, suggest that these may be separate entities of the members of that Resistance", the visitor began.
"What do you mean?"
"As in to say... *gulp*... that they may be from another dimension."
Horrible memories flooded into the man's mind. Horrible memories of things that transpired nearly a year ago... Things that had changed his life forever... That had ruined his life forever... "NONSENSE! IT CAN'T BE!"
"It is possible, my lord. If so, then... then we must prepare for --"
"NO! I will not allow myself to be taken down like... like the last one. I will find them. And then I will make sure that they do not escape. I will make that they... that they will not bother anyone anymore", the man growled.
"This is my land, now. No one will take it away from me. I am powerful... I am vicious... I will not be defeated! I am... the Dictator!" (thunder boom)

Meanwhile, on the other side of the town, it began to rain heavily, as Ferb, Candace, and Perry trudged on.
"Ugh... I don't think I can go on much longer", she muttered.
Ferb grunted in response, and Perry gave his usual chatter, though it sounded more tired than usual.
The trio collapsed on the wet grass and soil, and Phineas rolled out of Candace's arms.
Ferb looked to the side, glancing at his unconscious brother, and crawled over to him.
"Phineas... please... wake up", Ferb pleaded.
Candace joined him and began to tussle Phineas's hair.

Perry walked up the trio, and began to shed a tear. He thought that, maybe if he had come sooner, Phineas wouldn't have been hit. Maybe it was all his fault. He tried to shake his owner, tried to wake him from his eternal nap.

He chattered sadly, as it became more and more known that Phineas might not get up.
Tears began to form in Ferb and Candace's eyes.
"No, Phineas, you can't go! Don't leave us here!", Ferb yelled, practically bawling.
He hugged Candace as tears flowed down his cheeks. Candace held him close, as he silently sobbed as well.

Perry hugged Candace and Ferb as well, as the three learned the horrible truth - their friend wasn't coming back. It was the saddest event in their lives, perhaps even more sad to Candace than the death of her father years ago. They lay there, their clothes sopping wet as the now-pouring storm towered over them. But they didn't care. They could just stay there for hours... days... mourning over their lost one.

It wasn't fair that Phineas had gone like this. All he had wanted to do was help Phineas-2 and Ferb-2. And then he just wanted to save Candace from the blast of one of the robots. It then dawned on Candace that she could have possibly responsible for Phin's death. If it wasn't for her, Phineas wouldn't have gotten hit. But if she hadn't come out, Phineas and Ferb could've suffered a terrible fate at the hands of the flames and the minions. Either way, she just couldn't win.

They cried, and cried, until they couldn't cry anymore.

"Do you think we should bury him?", was the first words that came out after what was minutes of crying, as said by Candace.
"I suppose it would be the right thing to do", Ferb agreed. Candace glanced at Perry.
"Uh... you don't mind if I, uh...", she began.
Perry turned around, his tail facing her.
Candace took Perry's tail and used it as a shovel to dig a hole.

As he did this, Ferb wondered "What would Mom and Dad think? How would they react?" Candace thought about this as well. Their parents would know what P&F were going to do, and they would finally be busted. However, rather than feel victorious, this was the least important thing on her mind. She didn't care anymore.

She must have thinking for a long time, because before she knew it, she had made quite a big hole.
Candace let Perry down and walked over to Phineas, and took his cold body in her arms.

She slowly and gently lowered Phineas into his grave, and took a solemn look at him. Was this really the end? Ferb, Candace, and Perry took turns taking the dirt - now mud - that Candace had dug out to put it on top of Phineas. Soon, they had completely covered him, and it was if he had blended in with the ground. The trio stood, holds folded, eyes closed, saying their last good-byes mentally, shedding a few tears as well.

The tears fell off their chins (well, whatever chins they had), and landed on the ground, soaking through the dirt, until resting on the deceased boy's cheek and absorbed into his skin.

"Well... we should go. Do the, uh... the things that you guys wanted to do. After all... it's what Phin would have wanted", Candace whispered, her voice cracking.
Ferb nodded, and the three began to walk away. At that moment however, a gasp was heard from behind them.
Ferb, Candace, and Perry turned around, looking for where that sound had come from.
They then heard some coughing, and concluded that it had come from underneath them. Could it be...?

"H-huh? Where am I?", a drowsy, and somewhat muffled voice muttered.
"Am I in heaven? What is this? Am I buried under a mountain of chocolate? Are those worms? They have worms in chocolate in heaven? Wow, their cuisine is much different than those on Earth. Am I talking too much? Gee, I don't want to make a bad first impression when I --"

"Phineas!", Ferb and Candace yelled.
"Huh? Ferb? Candace? Is that you? Did you guys die also?", the familiar child's voice inquired.
"No, we... hold on, we'll get you out!", Candace called.
"Okay, hurry up, I think I'm losing oxygen under here...", he replied.

Ferb, Candace, and Perry scrambled to the ground and began to vigorously pull out chunks of dirt until they had gotten to Phineas's body. They quickly grabbed him and pulled him out. Phineas panted and looked around.

"NOW where am I?"

The trio put their arms around him and hugged Phineas tightly. Words could not express the joy they felt at this moment.
"Phin... I was so worried that I'd lose you", Candace said quietly.
"Me too... Who would I have built stuff with?", Ferb added.
Phineas was touched at this.
"Ah, guys, I... I never...", he started, before beginning to tear up himself.
There was a silence as they all stood there, cuddled up in a group.
"What was it like?", Candace inquired.
"What was what... Oh", Phin realized.

"Well, it was if I saw my life flash before my eyes...", the boy began, gazing longingly into the sky. Now, if this were a movie or television program, the camera would have zoomed in on Phineas's eye, into the black part of his pupil, and then would have subsequently panned out, revealing a blurred scene of Phineas's parents, with Phin's hands reaching up them, as he had just been born. The scene would then switch to Phineas looking out a window to the rain outside, as his mother stood outside sobbing, and police cars lined up on the block. This had occurred after his father died.

The scene would then switch to Phineas meeting Ferb for the first time, after Ferb and Lawrence had come to the Flynns' house. It would switch again, to Phineas, Ferb, Candace, and their parents at the O.W.C.A. animal shelter, about to adopt Perry. Then it would switch to a young Phineas at school, writing a complex equation on a chalkboard, amazing his teacher and peers. Then it would switch to Phineas and Ferb under the tree in their backyard on the first day of summer, with him saying "-- and boredom is something of with which I will not put. The first thing they're gonna ask us when we get back to school is what did we do over the summer --"

It would abruptly switch to an even more blurred scene with static, which would appear to be from their previous trip to the 2nd Dimension, a tiny bit of it subconsciously locked in Phineas's mind, where he couldn't reach it. And the final scene - from Phineas's point-of-view, when the blast of energy from the robot was shot at him, and killed him... or so it would seen.

But alas, this is not a movie or television program, but a story, so you're free to imagine his flashbacks in whatever way you want. Although, upon reading these things, you probably imagined that already and planted that as what the scene looked like in your head, therefore rendering you unable to think of it in your own way, which stinks. The last thing I want to do is limit your imagination, but it would seem I inadvertently did that. No use crying over spilled milk however, let's just continue with this tale.

"So what happened next?", Candace inquired, after Phineas had finished telling them about his flashback.
"Then everything went black. I felt cold... as if I couldn't move, like I was paralyzed! And then... I saw a light..."
Ferb was now eating berries he picked from a nearby tree in a cup woven out of grass like a bowl of popcorn.
"... a bright light. I could feel myself going closer and closer to this light. I wanted to go and see what this thing was, but I was going so slow I wasn't sure when I'd get there...
"I got nearer and nearer to it. I could feel the warmth of the destination upon my skin. Then, a blinding light shone. I closed my eyes - well, not completely, I kept them open just a bit - as I prepared to see the spectacle before me. Then... boom. I find myself surrounded by brown stuff. Which was... well, actually that dirt over there.
"I thought I was buried under a mountain of chocolate because... Well, considering where I thought I was going, and that I like chocolate a lot, I didn't think it was implausible that I... You know what, j-just forget about that whole mountain thing, I don't know where I was coming with that!"
Ferb had finished his cup of berries and held it upside down to see if there was any remainders; a blade or two of grass fell out.
"Well, the point of this is... That I'm just glad I'm here with you guys. Back with my sister, my brother, and my platypus", he concluded, and hugged them again.

Suddenly, Phineas's eyes widened as he remembered something important.
"Platypus?! PERRY!", he shouted. Phineas broke free of the hug and stood up, facing Perry. He began to flare his nostrils, as an angry look spread across his face, and his eyebrows narrowed to the point they looked like a sharpened "V." Perry flinched. He had never seen this side of his co-owner before. He knew that was going to get it.

"So... the walls of secrecy have finished broken down, eh?", Phineas asked, his arms folded.
"All this time... you've been some sort of... some sort of crime fighter or whatever! And you didn't bother to tell us!
"What, you didn't trust us?! You didn't think that the people who loved you and cared for you ever since you were a baby were worthy enough to know about this secret double life that you have?! "You thought that you would take advantage of us?! Treat us like we were STUPID?! Lead us down an endless path of lies so that you could have your own great life like we picked up after you like slaves?!"
The platypus began to step back.
"Oh NO! Don't think you're gonna go off running away now! You've got a LOT to explain! What about that other time, huh? That time we went to the 2nd dimension?! Do you remember THAT?!"
Perry gulped.
"Of course you do! But do I? Does Ferb? Does Candace? Does anybody else?! NO! Because the one time we actually find out what you do, who you really are, you erase our minds! Wipe away what might have been our greatest adventure ever just so you could live your secret life!"
"We could have made a great team! We could have worked together! The things we could've done would've been astonishing! But no... you wait until we're about to DIE to even reveal what you really are!"
Phineas was breathing heavily now. His eyes began to water.
"And... Is that it? Is that really all that our relationship is built on? Secrets and lies...?"
Phineas turned away, his back to Perry.
"We trusted you, Perry... We loved you... with all our hearts. It's a shame that it seems you don't return the favor."
Perry wanted to tell Phineas the truth. But sadly, humans can't understand platypi and vice versa, nor can platypi speak human languages... or vice versa.
"*sigh*... I just... I just don't know what to think. I don't know if... if I can trust you anymore...", the boy whispered, his voice cracking up.

Perry put his hand on Phineas's shoulder. His left shoulder to be exact. Phineas glanced at him, his eyes sparkling. That is, Phin's eyes were sparkling not because they were shiny or of some immeasurable type of beauty, but because water was building up in them. Perry reached into his pocket - which is weird because he's not wearing any clothes therefore it should be physically impossible to do such a thing - and pulled out a pamphlet which he handed to the saddened child.

"What? After all I just said, all you give me is a pamphlet?! I don't want this!", Phineas growled, tossing it away.
Perry, annoyed, walked over to where the small book was thrown, and picked it up.
He flipped it to a specific page and handed it again to Phineas, pointing at the paragraph he wanted read. Phineas took it reluctantly and mumbled something under his breath before reading the following passage out loud.

If you are wondering why your pet is a secret agent and they didn't tell you, don't get angry - they had very good reason to. Secret agents' identites as secret agents are supposed to be... well, secret, therefore they're not supposed to tell ANYBODY, not even their most trusted individual - which may be YOU! - if they are outside of the Agency. And if such a thing happens, your pet must be relocated to a far away place so that you never see them again... Because if you knew about your pet's identity as a secret agent, they wouldn't be secret agents anymore, why, they'd just be agents. And being called just "agents" is pretty boring in itself. Being called a secret agent is much more manly. As well, you'd be placed in constant dangerous situations. So know that it was for your own good. 'But if you're reading this right now, then it's too late, so... uh, it's kind of redundant, actually. Man, who wrote this?

Phineas stopped there.
"Wait... that's why you didn't want us to know?", he asked.
Perry nodded slowly.
"I... Oh, Perry, I didn't kn--I shouldn't have gotten so angry at you, I'm sorry. I should've done better. How could I think that you would... *sigh*... It's just... I've been through so much today, with meeting my alternate self, and finding your lair, and nearly dying --"
"What's ironic is that you tried to avoid dying, but in the act of saving someone else from being killed, you got yourself killed. It may have been a Disney Death, but the principle still applies", Ferb noted.
"Yeah, what he said. It's just... oh, can you ever forgive me?", Phineas asked.
Perry gave Phineas a big, owner-pet-ily hug, and Phin returned it.
"So, uh... this is all nice and stuff. But can someone explain this all to me? I'm kind of new to this whole 'other dimension' stuff", Candace chimed in.
"Oh. Well, uh... yesterday, me from this dimension came to my room and told me that his dimension - where we are right now - was taken over by an evil dictator again -"
"Well, yeah, it was taken over before, but we defeated THAT dictator -"
"I don't remember that."
"That's because Perry erased our memories of it so that we could keep him."
"Ugh, this is so confusing!"
"It'll all make sense soon. Now, we just need to find our 2nd Dimension selves. They can help us make the next move", Phineas ordered.<nr> "Wait, does that mean there's another me?", Candy inquired.
"Great! Now we can talk about how cute the Jeremies of our dimensions are!"
"Right... Come on team, let's --!"
Just then, helicopters were heard buzzing just a few blocks away.
"Oh sure, now they find us! Took them long enough. We just had a big scene here!", Candace shouted.
One of the helicopters started in the direction of Phineas, Ferb, Perry, and Candace.
"As I saying, come on team, let's GET OUT OF HERE!"

The four of them dashed through the fields, escaping the search area of the hovering vehicles, trying to locate where they could go next.

Chapter 5

Meanwhile, back at the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated building in 1st Dimension Danville, Doofenshmirtz was negotiating with the author to get his mouth back.

"Murf murf murf!", Doof begged.
"Nope", the author replied sternly.
"I already told you: No."
"Murf murf murf murf murf!"
"Hey, if you didn't want your mouth taken away, you shouldn't insulted me in the first place! I don't take to insults lightly."
"Murf murf murf!"
"I am not a sissy!"
"Murf murf murf murf!"
"I'm not a crybaby either! Listen, Doof, I'm the writer of this story. Whatever I say goes! Stop whining and deal with it!"
Doof crossed his arms and attempted to make a pouting face, but failed because, as mentioned, he had no mouth.
"That's a good Heinz."
"Murf murf murf!"
"Hey, I gave you a compliment, no need to lash out at me!"
"Murf murf murf murf!"
And with that, Doofenshmirtz left.
"Fine! Go on! I didn't want to talk to you anyway. Go make a... a Mouth-inator or somethin'! I got better things to do than talk with a guy who has no mouth anyway! ... Like, uh, I have a girlfriend! Yeah! That's right! I have a date! Do YOU have a date, Doofenshmirtz?! Do ya?! NO!"

Ahem, anyway... At the Resistance's headquarters in the 2nd Dimension, Phineas-2 and Ferb-2 had safely made it back to their fellow organization members and explained what had just happened.

"... So what do we do now?", Phineas-2 asked, worried about what had happened to his counterpart.
"Now... we wait", said his older sister, Candace-2, who was the leader of this Resistance, and a brave young woman.

Well, by now, they had waited a day, and they came to the present time, which is when the previous chapter left off.
Phineas-2, Ferb-2, and another member, the 2nd Dimension counterpart of Buford, were laying down on a couch in their hide-out, watching television whilst eating chips.
"Harold... please... don't go", the woman on the screen begged.
"No, Laura... I must... I have... to die", the man replied.
"At least give me... one more kiss..."
"What is this dribble?!", Buford-2 grunted, crunching on the salty snacks.
"While romantic, what use would a kiss do when he's on the verge of death?", Ferb-2 questioned.
"Guys, obviously, they're gonna to go the cliché way, and make the guy come back to life after the kiss", Phineas-2 suggested.
"Shush, look, something's happening", Buford-2 pointed.
On the screen, the two characters had kissed, and now cheap special effects-like sparkling filled the screen, followed by the male character suddenly feeling alive and well.
"Gee whiz, Laura! The magic of the kiss and our love healed me!", the man said jovially.
"See?", Phineas-2 told.
"What, do you want a soda or somethin'?", Buford-2 retorted.
"Are you guys sitting in front of the TV complaining about old cliché romantic movies again?", a familiar voice inquired.
"Yes. Yes, we are", Ferb-2 answered.

This female voice was that of none other than Isabella-2. She was the second-in-command of the Resistance, following Candace-2, and the leader of the Firestorm Girls branch. Unlike her first dimension self, this Isabella was tough and fearless. She wore dark clothes, her shirt having torn sleeves, and a string of ammo that swung around her chest.

"So you guys are just going to sit around here and be lazy until your 1st Dimension selves show up?", she asked.
"That's the plan", Buford-2 replied simply.
"I'd like to go out and try to infiltrate the castle again, but if it goes anything like last time, we'll barely escape with our lives. The others helped us last time, it's more than likely they'll give us the extra boost to prevail now as well", Phineas-2 explained.
"I wish I had your optimism, Phin. I just don't know anymore. Will we ever be free from dictator rule? First it was Doofenshmirtz, then this guy. Why do they always come after us? Why can't they take over Peru or something!?", the girl grumbled.
"Beats me", Ferb-2 replied, and took a sip from his drink.

Just then, the movie on TV was interrupted by a breaking news report.
"This is a breaking news report!", the newswoman noted.
A man, seeming similar visually to one of the Dictator's minions, walked on the screen and demanded that he take over.
"Huh? What's going on?", Phin-2 wondered.
"This must be important! Guys, come in here! There's something you have to see!", Isabella yelled.

The rest of the main members of the Resistance rushed into the room hearing her call. Candace-2 lead the line. She had a cloth-like material wrapped around her forehead, her beautiful orange hair streaming down from it, as well as a top that stopped just above her belly button, and a skirt armed with ammo. She meant business... and she was also the dream of many Candace fanboys.

Dr. Baljeet, as he preferred to be called, had large puffy hair, and wore a coat with a purple-blackish shirt underneath. The shirt he wore previously had Dictator Doofenshmirtz's "D" logo on it, but since Doof was taken down, there was no need to wear that shirt anymore. He was the brains of the group.

The Firestorm Girls rushed into the room as well, sporting clothing similar to that of Isabella's. There were also other, recently recruited Resistance members, but they were out on a separate mission at this point in time, and thus will be revealed later on in this fic.

"Give me the microphone!", the minion man ordered.
"No!", the newswoman refused.
The minion clonked the newswoman on the head and threw her on the floor.
"Insolent buffoon!", he growled.
"How dare he do that!", Isabella-2 yelled.
"Patience, young one", Candace-2 cautioned.
"Young one?"
"It sounded dramatic."
"Attention, citizens! A group of childrens have been spotted in this city! If you see them, call the police immediately so they can be apprehended and dealt with severly. If you see them, and do NOT call, then YOU will be dealt with severely!", the minion warned on TV.
Following this, the photo that the man had shown to the Dictator sometime in chapter 4 appeared on screen.
"Wait... Could it be? It's them! They made it!", Phineas-2 shouted in glee.
The group cheered.
"Everyone seems to be there. There's Ferb, Candace, Perry and -", Dr. Baljeet began.
"Hey, what happened to that Phineas?", Buford questioned.
"He looks hurt! Oh no, what if the minions or the robots got to them!?", Phineas-2 worried.
"We've got to rescue them before they get in more trouble!", Gretchen-2 suggested.
"Right! Come on guys, we have to break out our transportation and go find them! Let's move, move, move!", Candace-2 ordered.
The gang raced out of the room, leaving the TV still playing.
"... and... that is all", the minion concluded, and looked down at the woman he had knocked on the floor.
"Hey, is she -?"
"HI... YAH!"
The newswoman had come to and gave the minion a piece of his own medicine.
"See that, camera dudes? If you want to make it in this business, you gotta have the brawn to back it up. So, uh... what do we do now? Cut to commercial? Yeah, I guess that'd be good. We'll be right back."


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