Phineas and Ferb are wondering what to do when Gary walks in. "Hey, Gary." Phineas said. "Hi, guys." Gary said."Watcha Doin'?" "Wondering what to do."Phineas replies. Then Xavier and Fred walk in. "Hi guys!" Fred said. "Who are you?" Gary asked. "Fred. Who are you?" "Gary." Then Bob and Bill walked in. "How about Shrink Series?" Bill suggested. "Good idea!" Phineas replied. "So what exactly is Shrink Series?" "It's a game where you shrink and then go on a scavenger hunt." Bill answered, looking at Bob to back him up. Bob didn't say anything. He just stood there, looking at Bill. It looked like the two of them were having a staring contest. Bill blinked and backed away. Bob still didn't blink. "Wow, he's good at that!" Xavier said. "Don't remind me." Bill said. "So, anyway, who wants to play?" Everyone raised their hand. "Okay,it's decided." Phineas said. "Me and Ferb will go make the shrinking machine." "Not nessecary."Bill said. "I got one right here." He held it out. "Cool!" Phineas said "By the way, where's Perry?"

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