--Plot (in production)--

Phineas and Ferb wake up to find a note at there door except it says come to the backyard So thinking something happened they look because you know them

Candace watches them closely "AHHHH what are those annoying brothers doing now i'm going to bust them"

Now Phineas and Ferb think of what to do today then Phineas says "I know what were going to do today" "Make the Future-inator" Then we can see each other years into the future what about 20 years Ferb says "Yes! great plan."

In Production

To be continued.

--Interview and thoughts--

I am currently developing stories and making them good for all ages But it's even better there's robots and machines and maybe even Mom finding out there creations plus Candace finding out even more about her brother and that he might be related to someone else tell me on my talk page if you are correct i will give a "surprise script" for a "Phineas and Ferb" play/short also you will find more about "Pewford's" life and why he became a bully also i am making whole new characters like Ferneas and Perb and Dr. Heinz Doofinshmirtz's new wife and daughter? (Too good to be true right) (No! your not dreaming) and Candace turns 16 plus more Jeremy and there's more but i can't tel" l you users this list is half of what you will see trust me


Who's "Ferneas and Perb"?

"Ferneas and Perb" are two characters who are rivals you meet them in my next book "New Challenger"

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