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|1 = Phineas and Ferb Meet RHF |2 = |3 = 1 |4 = February 27 |5 = Rufufia the Free (Not in this series) |6 = The Lean Mean Brain Machine}}

As the name implies, Phineas and Ferb meet RHF. However, they do not go on their first adventure naturally.


RHF is trying to run away from a group of Keronian Invaders, the leader being Keroro himself. Keroro says "Have a taste of this!" as he pushes what he thinks is the Keron Ray. He looks at it and realizes it was the Teleport Ray, which teleported RHF to Danville, according to Tamama. In Danville, Phineas and Ferb try to make a bridge around the MOAT, but RHF falls on part of it and destroys it on accident. The three introduce themselves and go to attack the Keronian Invaders, but end up being turned into Keronians. On an invading mission, the three realize that the Keronian thing was just a shell, which they peeled off and had every other Keronian peel off their Keronian shells. However, they all became part animal, which gave them some sort of advantage. They finally defeat the Keronian Invaders who didn't peel off their shells. Meanwhile, for the rest of the season, Candace and Mrs. Flynn switch roles. Apparently, Dr. Doofenshmirtz didn't appear in this episode.

Memorable Quotes

The "Too Young" Line

Keronian Guard: Aren't you a little young to defeat us?

RHF: Yes, yes we are.

Ferb's Lines

RHF: That was easier than we thought.

Ferb: I can't believe those guards let us in even after realizing we would stop them.


Ferb: Sort of. We're sort of back to normal.

Whatcha Doin'?

Isabella Whatcha doin'?

Phineas: quickly Fighting invaders. Wanna help?

Isabella Sure, but--

RHF: Hop on!


  • RHF will continue being in PnF episodes until the 44th episode aired in Season 32.