Phineas and Ferb II:The Battle with Calavironia is a scarpped sequel to Phineas and ferb which was realsed on Disney DVD October 3rd and premired on Disney Channle a month later of November 22nd


Before the tiles A young gril named Cavroline (Rebbeca Rosso) living with her mother Fran  (Brooke Shileds),her unintelligent younger sister Jivlian (Alyson Stoner),and her dog Skippper (Frank Welker) who the Mother later died when Pirates attack their hometown in England.Then Phineas and Ferb and friends are seen riding a tea cup on top of a rotating cylinder.Then it suddenly, it got disappeared by Doofenshmirtz.However Phineas later finds a remote then the kids,Perry,and Candace are sent in the timeline demison where they discover thats been destroyed and are taken to a room [hang on /I'm having trouble thinking]


Vincent Martella as Phineas

Thomas Sangster as Ferb

Ashley Tisdale as Candace

Dee Bradley Baker as Perry

Dan Povenmire as Dr.Doofenshmirtz (Cameo uncredited)

Alyson Stoner as Isabella/Young Jivilan  

Drew Barrymore as Patrica

Kimberla Breg as Florence

Selena Gomez as Calvorina Penregen/Faith Flecther

Brenda Song as Jilaiva Penregen/Flecther

Joe Jonas as Art Hallen

Julie Andrews as Queen Elizabeth I

Liam Neeson as Garilan (you know the Leader of the gonverment system)

Emily Osment  as Hannah Hallen

Rebecca Rosso as Young Calvarionia/Young Faith Flecther

Frank Welker as Skipper (uncredited)

Brooke Shields as  Fran Penregen/Flecther

Addtinoal voices



Unknown at the moment, but it does feature songs by Brenda Song and Selena Gomez


The Trailer premiered with Tales from Earthsea DVD at a unknown realese and the teaser trailer was only seen as a sneak peek on Disney Channel.

Video Game

In September 29th Disney Interactive realesed a nintedo DS and DSi video game based on the film


  • In the episode A Hard Day's Knight Queen Elizabeth appears as a robot where she has orange hair however in the film she has brown hair.
  • The pony Isabella rode on The Magnificent Few makes a cameo in the traditional animated end credits.
  • Alice,Ginger,and Julie are mentioned
  • 3rd and last appearance of the Timeline demison
  • Brenda Song also voices Wendy in Unfair Science Fair and Liam Nesson aslo respires his role from the 1st film
  • Doofenshmirtz only makes a cameo during the flashback and was not seen for the rest of the film

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