Title Card:500 years ago

-Carvoline chases dog-

Young Cavorline:-laughs-


Fran:Cavrorline time to go back in

Young Cavorline:alright mom 5 more minutes i need to get Skipper into the henhouse at least I do it beeter than Jivlian


Young Cavrorline:AH forget it. -leaves and laughs- Huh?

-pirtaes ships come in from the harbor-

Fran:oh no.

-pirated ship comes closer-

Fran:come on

-Young Cavroline,Young Jivlian,Skipper,and Fran run-


Young Cavorline:Mom what are you doing?!


Young Cavorline:MOM!

-Fran keeps hustling then dies off screen-

Young Cavorline:NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Cavorline,Jivlain,and Skipper line up behind the harbor-

Title Card:Walt Disney Pictures presents.In Asscoite with Walt Disney Telveion Animation.Phineas and Ferb II:The Battle of Cavorline

Title cards that go with the next scene:Vincert Martella,Thomas Sangster,Ashley Tinsdale,Alyson Stoner,Dee Deedly Barker,Drew Barrymore,Milly and Becky Rosso,Selena Gomez,Brenda Song,Joe Jonas,Emily Osment,Julie Andrews,with Liam Nesson,and Brooke Shileds

Title Card:Today

-Kids seen on one of Phineas and Ferb's cool rides-

Patrica:Phineas This is awomse I can't feel my DNAaaaaaaaaaaaa.....................

Candace:yes Mom will be home any minute.oh boy when Mom gets here in th next 60 seconds you are so busted

-ride zaps away and kids plus Perry land safely-

Phineas: Oh there you are Perry,amn I wonder ow our ride disappred this time.

-Perry has flashback-

Doofetize:CURSE YOU PERRY THE PLATYPUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-flashback ends and car pulls up-

Mom:hi boys

Phineas:hi mom

Candace:-grunt-even if I busted you 20 years in the future i stil don't getwhy evrything you built disapperd

Isbella:Are we gonna watch it agian.

Candace:No last timewe took our eyes off it for half a minute and it turned invisable,then I silled paint all over the grass.and next time I won't keep m eyes of you ever agian

-phone rings-

Candace:It's Jermey!hang on gotta a imorant phone call.

Phineas:huh?whats this?some kind of remote.

Candace:yes I do wanna go to the prom queen dance on Friday.

Phineas:hey don't have Alice,Ginger,and Julie have one of those.

Candace:Hey Stacy guess who's gonna to The rom Queen dance o Friday.

Phineas:how thats weird it has all of the time periods inside the memory pro-duo.

Candace:Then I said sure I want to go to the dance on Friday.Hang on I might wanna call you back -hangs upPhone and goes to backyard-Ha,ha I might wanna take that show it to Mom that you've bulit some kind of remote than finally they'll be busted in the present.

Phineas:umm..Candace we didn't build it.

Candace:what do you mean?

Phineas:we found it on the grass that you used to spill orange paint on

Candace:Didn't hose 19th century chicks that look like 3 of the fireside girls have that?

Phineas:Oh I remrer Alice gave to us that in case they need us we need to...why's that geen button blinking I don't ember anything bout a blinking button how did that -presses green button then kids disappear-

Mom:Boys....Oh must have gone to Vivian's

-more coming October 16th-

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