Coming this Summer

Dearest Isabeall,

Please join us for rollay ball we can't wait to meet your....uh...Prince Charming.

Love,  mom and dad


Phineas: We're not going.

Ferb and Isabella: WHAT!?

Walt Disney Pictuers

AH! who's this

is the one and only...

Ferb: Uh I'll park the car OK?

Excuse me.

I need to have a little boy taken care of.

Puss in boots: AH HA pray for mercy from PUSS IN BOOTS!

AH HA HA! (gasp) gaking

wheezing barf hairball

Ferb: That is nasty!

This summer

Walt Disney Pictuers presents

Mike Mayers

Dddie Mupery

Camizon Diza

and Antion Banders

Phineas and Ferb 2: The Ferbquel


Ferb: Gimme that bottle.


Phineas: Ferb! you're a--

Ferb horse: Stallon baby.

Tort, tort in place yeah!


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