Phineas and Ferb 2:Balloony Strikes Back!

Created by:


Other workers:


Produced by:

HiBy25 and Spongebob123

Release Date:

December 19th,2042

Original Site:



Days taken:


Credit given to:

Jeff"Swampy"Marsh and Dan Povenmire

Thanks to:

Everyone who viewed the page!

Phineas Flynn Perry the Platypus
Ferb Fletcher Lawrence Fletcher
Isabella Garcia-Shapiro Linda Flynn
Dr. D Balloony



  Phineas and Ferb wake up and go downstairs, surprised to find everyone else already down there."Why are you guys down here so early?" Phineas asked."We had to set the clocks back an hour, honey." Linda replied. "Why mom? It's summer! Phineas asked. "That is something that we don't know." Lawrence put in. The phone rings, and Phineas picks it up.It's Isabella. "Oh, hey, Isabella." Phineas said. "Hey Phineas." Isabella replies. "Do you want to go swimming sometime?" Isabella asked. "Sure Isabella, I'd love to go swimming!" Later, at Isabella's house, Phineas and Ferb were swimming. Phineas was about to do a cool dive that he made up when they heard a loud crashing noise coming from the Flynn-Fletcher's backyard. They ran over there. They stopped cold when something came out of a giant silver canister. It was a balloon in battle armor. "Oh, it's harmless." Phineas thought. He walked up to it. The balloon swatted him out of the way and walked past Ferb and Isabella. Phineas got up and walked up to Ferb and Isabella. "I guess I was wrong." Phineas said. "Hey, where's Perry?"

  Perry was on his way to Doofenshimrtz Evil Incorporated. He jumped off of his hovercar and went through the window. Then a giant cage landed on top of him. Dr.Doofenshimrtz turned around. "Ah, Perry the platypus. How..... You know, I don't know what to say. Honestly. Here. Let's start over. So you are flying, you jump through the window, my cage lands on you, and I turn around. Okay. Ah, Perry the Platypus. You are just in time for my latest evil scheme. Behold! The....... Thingy-Inator!"


Phineas: Vincent Martella

Ferb: Thomas Sangster

Isabella: Allyson Stoner

Dr.Doofenshmirtz: Dan Povenmire

Perry the Platypus/Agent P: Dee Bradley Baker

Candace: Ashley Tisdale

Linda Flynn-Fletcher: Caroline Rhea

Lawrence Flynn-Fletcher: Richard O'Brien

Jeremy: Mitchel Musso

Suzie: Kari Wahlgren

Gary: Dylan McGlynn

Xavier: Noah Munck

Fred: Moises Arias

Bill: Joe Davidson

Bob: Frank Walch

Phineas (as an adult): Zachary Tarse

Isabella (as and adult): Samantha Witkerson

P.J: Adian Joseph

Phineas the Third: William Waterfeed

Balloony: Calvin Thirddert

Kevin: Terry Frans

Skeleton 1: Quinn Gartson

Skeleton 2: Jeleel Black

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