Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Baljeet and Buford create a movie starring themselves. Play as superhero versions of the Phineas and Ferb cast and use unique abilities, like Multi-Man's duplication, Ferb-Guy's utility belt, Rainbow's rainbow surfing, Hanuman-Man's monkey-like athletics, and Belch-Man's super belches. Join the heroes in their quest to stop their nemisis, the Control Freak, and her minions of the underworld from taking over the city.


Multi-Man (Phineas)- The action-driven leader of Team Improbable, he can use his duplication powers to activate multiple switches.

Ferb-Guy (Ferb)- The mute mechanical genius of the team, he can hack into computer systems.

Rainbow (Isabella)- The sugar-sweet sole female of the team, she can use her rainbow powers to surf across long distances.

Hanuman-Man (Baljeet)- A cowardly monkey man, his agility can allow him to swing across poles.

Belch-Man (Buford)- The hothead of the team, his powerful burps can destroy obstacles.

Control Freak (Candace)- An egotistic sorceress, and Team Improbable's arch-nemisis, she posesses the power of mind control and telekinesis, along with an army of mischievous demons at her command.  

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