Doofenshmirtz plans to record all the songs in a CD to become millonare so he tries to find the best songs asking the citizens (the musical numbers are shown in backstory).

The best songs:

Doofenshmirtz: Impress my Professor

Destructicon: My enemy was a Dinosaur

Perry: Perry the Platypus theme song

Terry: Terry the Tyrannosaurus theme song

Phineas: Go Phineas

Ferb: Backyard beach

Spiny: Rap Dinosaur

Tank: Fast and Furious

Candace: Queen of Mars

Mom: I'm Lyndana

Dad: Music feel us better

Isabella: S´Winter

Buford: Fish Out Of Water

Baljeet: Destroyed Dreams

Mayor Monogram: Gitchy Gitchy goo

Karl: Slushy single

Vanessa Doofenshmirtz: Hail Doofania

Lola Destructicon: Kev Destructiland

Roger Doofenshmirtz: My Goody and two shoes brother

Phineas: Let's Make This Last 4 Ever