Candace, Stacy, Jeremy, Jenny, Karl and Vanessa have the dance of Teens of Tri-State meanwhile Phineas starts to feel something for Isabella and tryes to get a date using ferb as a "Cyrano of bergerac" until he discovers that Vanessa will be in the dance. Meanwhile Perry and Doofenshmirtz try to start the summer cleaning. All of this musical style


"So Happy Togheter" (candace and Jeremy)

"Gitchy Gitchy goo (extended)" (Phineas)

"You´re gonna get a mission" (Karl and Monogram)

"With you i spent the time of my life" (Isabella)

"It´s the druelselstenian way" (Doofenshmirtz)

"En tu fiesta me colé" (Ferb)

"Quickly worked song"

"The boys are back (High school musical 3)" (Jeremy and Coltraine)

"Today is gonna be a great day" (all)

Runing gags

Too Line:

not sayd

Ferb´s line:

(sings a song)

Whatcha doin?: 

by Isabella

Evil Single

Evil Doofenshmirtz Incorporated 


End Credits

Fake scenes


  • It´s the second time which we see Ferb with frank sinatra´s clothes


  • Dan Povenmire as Doofenshmirtz
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Perry
  • Jeff "Swampy" Marsh as Major Monogram
  • Tyler Alexander Mann as Karl
  • Vicent Martella as Phineas
  • Thomas Sangster as Ferb
  • Mitchel Musso as Jeremy
  • Ashley Tishdale as Candace
  • Olivia Olsen as Vanessa
  • Alyson Stoner as Isabella

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