This is a continuation of the first two parts, Phineas and Ferb's Valentines day and Phineas and Ferb's Valintines day part 2

Phineas, ferb, and Candace were all dancing their very best.  While Candace, Jeremy, Phineas, Isabella, and Emily were all good dancers, Ferb was the best. (Nerdy Dancing)

Vanessa: This contest is over! The winner is couple number two.

Emily: Cool! Ferb, I never knew you could dance so well!

Ferb: Shrugs

Candace: No! I can't lose to my little brother! (Runs out of room into hallway)

Jeremy: Candace! (runs after her)

Phineas: I'm sorry to have let you down Isabella. I knew you really wanted to win. I mean, next to Ferb, you're my best friend!

Isabella: Phineas, uh, (really quickly) I really like you, I mean I like-like you, and I've like-liked you for like a year, but I think that you think that I like you and I don't like-like you, but I really like-like you.

Phineas: What? Could you maybe say that a little slower?

Isabella: What I'm saying is, winning doesn't really matter. It's just fun.

Phineas: Great!

Isabella: Yeah, great.

Jeremy: Candace, it's okay.

Candace: No it's not! I look like a loser! I forgot Ferb is a good dancer and now everyone thinks I'm a loser!

Jeremy: Just because you lost doesn't mean you're a loser. And if anyone says you're a loser, you can just say that at least you tried.

Candace: I guess your right! Sorry about that.

Jeremy: That's no problem! Now lets head back in.

(They head back into the dance)


Vanessa: Hey Ferb!

Ferb turns and looks

Vanessa: That was amazing! I mean, I've never seen anything that good, not even on TV! You're like a professional

Ferb: (shrugs)

Vanessa: Anyway, it was great. See you later. (Heads back into crowd)

Emily sees Vanessa talking to Ferb and thinks Ferb and Vanessa like each other. She leaves the room and goes and sits sadly on the floor at the end of the hallway

Ferb looks around and notices that Emily is missing. He leaves the room and walks down the hallway and finds her.

Emily: You? Oh just, go away.

Ferb: (Sits down on the floor next to her)

Emily: Why don't you go sit by Vanessa?

Ferb: (Blinks)

Emily: leave me alone. I know you like her.

Ferb: No, Emily. I like you.

Emily: Really?

Ferb: nods

Emily: (throws her arms around Ferb and hugs him tight)

Ferb: (looks startled for a second, then hugs her back)

That's it! I don't have any plans for a fourth one, sorry!

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