This is a continuation of the first part, Phineas and Ferb's Valentines day.

Ferb and Emily arrive at the dance and start dancing. Everyone else stops, stares at them, and starts cheering.

Candace: What is going on here? (She pushes her way through the crowd, pulling Jeremy with her.) I knew my brothers were behind this mess!

Jeremy: Well, it's not really a mess, there's nothing wrong.

Candace: Wrong?!? Look at this huge crowd! Wait here. (She goes up to Ferb.) Ferb! What are you doing here?

Ferb: (holding Emily in a dip) Obviously, dancing.

Candace: NO! I mean, where's your dancing suit? how are you doing that?

Ferb: I'm just doing what I do. (He pulls Emily back up and continues to dance.)

Candace: Argh! Why do you have two have to follow me everywhere?!? Jeremy and I are much better dancers then you twerps and your little lovesick dates!

Isabella: Hey! I am neither little nor lovesick! (She glances at Phineas.) Well, I'm not little anyway!

Phineas: (still oblivious to what Isabella just said) I know! We'll have a dance-off!

Candace: Yes!

Jeremy: Uh, what's going on?

Candace: We're in another, less formal dance contest. There's no competition really. Only Ferb and his little friend.

Jeremy: Ferb?

Candace: Please, Jeremy?

Jeremy: Alright, but don't count on us winning.

Phineas: Great!

Ferb: (He shrugs.)

Emily: Well, okay, Candace.

Phineas: Okay, I'll be the judge!

Isabella: How about we find a different judge, and you dance with me!

Phineas: Sure Isabella. (He walks over to someone in the crowd.) Will you be our judge please?

Vanessa: Sure.

Ferb and Vanessa see each other, and their eyes widen.

Phineas: Let the contest begin!

There's a part three: Phineas and Ferb's Valintines day part 3.

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