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I personally can't say what i like more: Phineas and Ferb or Naruto. So that's why i made this cross-over.


"Hey, where's Perry" Phineas asked. "And where is Ferb, and Candace?" he continued. "Or better said, where am I?" he asked.

He got no answer. But a voice was heard. "The summon from another dimension is here, raikage!" Phineas looked around. He didn't know where he was, but that place looked like that time they sang that song in Japan. "Anima? Aneme? What was the name of it?" Phineas was thinking. He forgot the word "Anime".

"Where am I?" Phineas asked again. "No time for explanation, you must help Naruto fight Tobi." Mabui said. Phineas was super confused. "Who is Tobi?" he asked. "I want to know the same thing..." the raikage said.

Part 1

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