In the kingdom of Daningham, teens live a life of luxury and the young are oppressed. The only thing standing between the kingdom's children and starvation is a heroic, swashbuckling, outlaw boy named Phineas Hood. Joined by his companion Young Irving, his gang of Merry Little-Men, Ferb,Baljeet, and Buford,plus the beautiful Maid Isabella,and the Firside Outlaws they steal from the old, and give to the young. But can they outwit the grumpy King Doofenshrmitz and his army?  

Logo Variant

Universal Pictures

The enhanced version of the 1997 logo is green

Walt Disney Pictures

The castle is in Daningham

Relativity Media

The Logo is tinted green

Imagine Entertainment

The logo is green

Scott Free Productions

The logo is green

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