"Hello 911!" Candace said into her phone........Later........Meanwhile Candace and Ferb were waiting anxiously for Phineas to wake up. Finally after 3-5 hours Phineas woke up.

"Phineas?!?!" Candace whispered softly. "Huh!" Phineas groaned. "PHINEAS!!!!!!!! Candace screamed and ran to hug Phineas."WHOA! WHOA! WOAH! WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU HUGGING ME!!! Phineas screamed while squirming out of Candace's arms. "Wha..what do you mean Phineas?" Candace asked. "Phineas? Who's this Phineas guy? Phineas questioned confused. "You're Phineas? Phineas? Candace cried. "Who are you?" Phineas questioned once again. Candace started to cry. "I'm Candace your big sister!" Candace sobbed."I'm sorry, but I don't remember you?" Phineas answered even more confused than before."NO! NO! PHINEAS YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER ME I'M CANDACE YOUR BIG SISTER WHO ALWAYS TRIES TO BUST YOU WHEN YOU MAKE CRAZY INVETIONS!!!!" Candace sobbed even more. Phineas still had a confused look on his face. Candace saw the confused look on Phineas face. Then she broke down. "AND YOUR PHINEAS MY YOUNGER BROTHER!" Candace sobbed."HOW COULD YOU NOT REMEMBER ME????!!!!!!!" Candace cried. Phineas was about to answer when his hospital rooms door swung open. Dr. Hirano stepped in. "I have some threatening news about Phineas." she spoke sofly. "I took a look at his x-rays and he has amnasia!" she said. Candace and Ferb gasped. Then looked worriedly at Phineas. Look for Phineas gets amnasia part 3! Today!

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