2."the Secrets Are Out"


4."50 % + 100 %"


6."I'll Make My Own Band"

7."What's the Future Like?"


9."T.V Warped", "T.V Warped 02", "T.V Tamers", "T.V Frontier" & "T.V Data Squad"

10."What's an Aglet Again?"

11."Karatee Class"

12."Monsters On Vacation": crossover with Lilo & Stitch: the Series

13."Tokyo Time"

14."Tristate AmiYumi"

15."Problem In Paris/Gate 33/Panic in Paris"


17."Animal Bath"

18."Gone Nano"


20."Thought To Be Extinct"

21."Continental Art"



24."Abilities Solved", "Legion of Super Children" & "Team Impropable"

25."the Hunter & the Hunted"

26."Cousin Bartie"

27."Evil Counterparts Have More Fun."

28."Singing Impossible"

29."Reality Show Elimination"

30."Ferb's Birthday"

31."Love Handel, Back Again For What?"

32."the Ultimate Ferbdown"

33."Around the World In Just a Day"

34."Ghost House"

35."Too Many Platypus'"

36."Perry Gets Busted"

37."Suzy vs. Phineas"

38."the Live Action-Ne"

39."Lost In a House"

40."Erase Everything"

41."Wild Wild West"

42."Toys Unite"

43."Sweet Secrets"

44."Perry Talks"

45."Dental Cares"
46."Double Phineas Trouble"

47."Phineas & Ferb Get Brainwashed"


49."Leave It To Candace"

50."Phineas' Birthday"

51."Doofenshmirts Cries"

52."Phinabella & Ferbessa"

53."Phineo & Ferbigi"

54."Invader Phin"

55."Love Confession"

56."Phineus & Ferbez"

57."Three Spirits of Life


59.Nighttime At the Museum"

60."Undercover Carl"

61."a Wizard of Oz Thing"

62."Dinner Theature"

63. "Yacht Yacht"

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