I Made up My own Phineas & Ferb Christmas DVD.I Don't Know How to post My own Pictures,so I Guess I Can't show you The Front Cover just Yet (Sigh...).Anyway,I Hear They're gonna Make a Christmas Special for P&F,so I Made it A DVD.So, Enjoy What The DVD would Have to Offer!


The DVD will contain The Christmas Speacil as well as 6 Bonus Episodes

# Name Of Episode
1 Phineas and Ferb's Christmas Vacation
2 S'winter
3 Bowl-R-Ama Drama
4 I,Brobot
5 Backyard Aquarium
6 Hide & Seek
7 Journey to The Center of Candace

Special Features:

  • Christmas Speacil Storyboards
  • Kareoke Sing-along For:
    • Christmas is Startin' Now
    • Got That Christmas Feeling
    • I Don't Really Hate Christmas
    • S'Winter
  • Phineas and Ferb Behind-the-Scenes

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