Phineas: What to do, what to do. You know what, Ferb? There are so many things to do for the rest of the summer, don't you think?

Ferb: Yes, yes I do.

Phineas: We should go somewhere exciting! Somewhere mysterious!

Lawrence Fletcher: Phineas, Ferb, we decided to go camping with a friend of mine in Oregon.

Linda Flynn: Won't it be fun?

Phineas: Yeah! Where's the place?

Lawrence: It's a place called Gravity Falls. It's got a big lake and some say it has mysterious secrets.

Phineas: Awesome! Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today!

Linda: You guys get ready, and you can bring Isabella if you want.

Phineas: Ok Mom.

Isabella: Hey Phineas, watcha doin'?

Phineas: Hey Isabella. We're going on a camping trip! Do you need a few camping badges for the Fireside Girls?

Isabella: Well, there is a badge for finding the biggest mystery in a camping trip experience.

Phineas: Well, that's perfect, cause according to Dad, where we're going is a mysterious place called Gravity Falls.

Isabella: Gravity Falls? I heard of that place!

Phineas: I can't wait to get there, but hey, where's Perry?

(Perry enters into his lair through a secret entrance)

Major Monogram: Morning Agent P, our findings has determined that Heinz Doofenshmirtz been making a teleporter device. We need you to go to his lair, find out what he's up to, and put a stop to it! Good luck, Agent P!


Stan: Kids, I'm gonna have a friend of mine and his family come over for a few days.

Mabel: Cool!

Dipper: Does he have kids?

Stan: Yeah, Phineas, Ferb, and Candace.

Dipper: Phineas? That name sounds familier. "looks in book"

Mabel: When will they be here?

Stan: In a few hours, so be ready!

(Perry is about to exit his lair when he sees Phineas and takes off his fedora)

Phineas: Oh, there you are, Perry. (puts Perry in the car and enters car)

(Flynn-Fletcher car drives away)

(Meanwhile in Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorparated)

Doof: I wonder what's taking Perry so long? I can't wait to tell him about my...Teleporter-inator!

Norm: That sounds fancy! What does it do?

Doof: Well, whatever place Perry is at, I'll make anyone evil come here and help me take over the Tri-State Area!

Norm: That sounds like a good plan and all, but, would it not work if he stays at Danville?

Doof: No, I doubt it, now leave me alone! Now, to send all of the evil-doers from...

Phineas: (still in car) Gravity Falls! We're here!

Stan: (sees Lawrence) Hey Lawrence, long time, no see!

Lawrence: Yeah! Kids, I like you to meet Stanford Pines.

Stan: Nice to meet you, Phineas, Ferb, and Candace. Inside, you'll see my great nephews. (sees Isabella) Who are you?

Isabella: I'm a friend of Phineas.

Mabel: Hi, I'm Mabel.

Isabella: Nice to meet you!

Phineas: You must be Dipper, right?

Dipper: Yeah. You must be Phineas, then?

Phineas: Yes, yes I am.

Candace: (to Wendy) Are you another nephew?

Wendy: No, I'm an employee here. You must be Candace Flynn, right?

Candace: Yeah, why?

Wendy: Stan told me someone about my age was coming.

Candace: Cool!

Mabel: (sees Perry) Who's this?

Phineas: This is Perry. He's a platypus; he doesn't do much.

Mabel: Cool. I got a pet pig named Waddles.

Phineas: Well, that's cool!

(meanwhile, back at Doofenshmirtz Evil Incoparated)

Doof: Finally, I have all of the villians that ever did bad things. Let's do roll call, shall we? (looks at Gnome monster)

Jeff: I'm Jeff and we are gnomes. We tried marrying someone but failed.

Doof: Interesting, next.

Sherlock Holmes Wax Figure: I am Sherluck Holmes.

Doof: Hey, won't you melt if you are put into the sun?

Sherlock Holmes: Yes, I guess so.


Chutzpar: We are manotaurs!

Doof: MAN-otaurs?

Chutzpar: Yeah, why?

Doof: Just curious. Next!

Clone 3-10: We are clones of Dipper Pines.

Doof: Ok, Next!

Rumble: I fight worthless punks! Winners never lose!

Doof: Perfect, you are my bodyguard! Next:

Trickster: Why ain't I the bodyguard?

Doof: Because Rumble is bigger. Now, (moves to the balcony) we're going to take over the tri-state area even if we have to use our bare hands! Now, who's with m-(sees that the wax figures are gone) Hey, where did Sherluck Holmes go? (sees melted wax near everyone) Never mind. Now, who's with me?

All: We are!

Doof: Now, what's the plan?

Clone 5: You're kidding me, right?

Doof: no, I mean, how are we going to get rid of the tri-state area.

Rumble: I got an idea: We should take the tri-state area, and push it somewhere else!

Trickster: How about we just flood the Tri-State Area?

Doof: That sounds like a better idea, Trickster!

(meanwhile, back at Gravity Falls)

Dipper: So this is where I found the book.

Phineas: "looks at the box" Hmm, do you think anything will happen if we try rewiring this?

Dipper: I don't know if there is anything if that happens.

Phineas: There always is. Don't you remember seeing those spy movies where they find something, and they rewire it and it does something incredible.

Dipper: I guess you're right. Why don't we get it a go?

"meanwhile, at the Danville dam"

Doof: Well, this looks like the place. Now, how are we supposed to break this?

Trickster: Well, we obviously need to break it somehow.

Rumble: I got this guys. "is about to smash the dam when he's gets attacked by Agent P"

Doof: Perry the Platypus?!


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