It was 8:00 at night at the Flynn-Fletcher household and everyone was asleep. Well....not everyone. Everyone except Candace and a very unlucky Phineas. Well, you saw in Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation that they built dual tabbogons out of their beds, well they tried it again that day with a mountain of beans and the remote to open thier window didn't work so they crashed and now they have a very big hole in their room. Luckily, Phineas and Ferb weren't severly injured, just a couple of cuts and bruises from the shattered glass and wood. So, they had to choose somewhere else to sleep. Ferb chose the living-room couch. Phineas was actually not in a bad way forced to sleep in Candace's room. Phineas found a inflatable matress so he used that and like I was saying Phineas was unlucky because Candace was up all night talking on the phone. But now for my story to start...............................

                                                                   Later that morning at 7:00 Phineas was still asleep. Well, for a while. Ferb woke him up. Ferb kept on shaking Phineas to wake up.

Finally Phineas did.

Phineas: What time is it?

Ferb: 7:00.

Phineas: Ferb, you can go ahead and plan our invention for the day I'm going back to sleep for a while.

Ferb shrugs, then leaves.

  • Candace sees Ferb go outside without Phineas*

Candace: Where's Phineas?

Ferb: Asleep.

Candace: Asleep? But he never oversleeps!

Candace heads upstairs to her room and sees Phineas still in his bed in her room.

Candace (whispers): Ferb was right. Phineas is still asleep.

Candace decides she'll let Phineas sleep.

  • Phineas hears drilling from the outside in his sleep*


Phineas: Wait, How can I hear myself if I'm still asleep?

Phineas: OHHH!!! I saw this on Hannah Montana. When Jackson was asleep he could hear himself.

  • Phineas appears out of his body*

Phineas: And then this happened! So cool!!!

  • Phineas hears Ferb drilling again*

Phineas: Ferb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phineas: Oh, yeah. Now I remember. No one can hear me.

  • Phineas hears Ferb drilling again*

Phineas: RRRRR!!!! FERB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phineas walked over to the window and tried to close the window but he fell out the window because, (just watch Hannah Montana Episode I Love You, No, Not You!)to understand.

Phineas then reappeared back in his room but with a branch in his hair.

  • Phineas, in anger stomps over to his bed*

Phineas: Aww. I look so cute when im asleep......what the heck am I sayin'!!!!!!!!!

  • Ferb hammers again and real Phineas starts to toss and turn*

Phineas: Oh no Ferb's gonna wake me up!!!!!!!

A door is heard closing and footsteps are heard coming towards Phineas!!!!!

Candace:Yeah, ok it's been a hour! I'll go wake him up!!!!(Candace hangs up on her phone)


  • Candace shakes Phineas until he wakes up*

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