...... * Celine and Maggie walk into room*

Maggie: Hello I'm Maggie and this is Celine.

Celine: Hi there!!!

Maggie: and were doing a Q&A

Celine: and who ever asks the first question will win a special prize!!!

Maggie: The winner will get Emilylover224's best Phineas and Ferb artwork!!!

Celine: Oh boy this is exciting!!!!

Maggie: So while were waiting do you wanna do girl talk cause'

I need that now.

Celine: Sure

Maggie:........ I love Ferb!!! * looks at ceiling dreamly*

Celine: Yeah I guess he is sorta cute..... OH!!! First question!!!! from Smilez221

 Maggie: What does it say!

Celine: It says. who are you guys, where do you appear.......hhhmmm thats easy.

Maggie: We appear in a story not made yet and were two girls Phineas and Ferb meet. I love Ferb.......

strange I'm younger and Celine is older and she isn't interested in boys yet.........


Celine:........akward.... OH!!! If there are any love questions we will hit _________ with a baseball bat knocking you out intill the question is over. Just kidding!

Maggie: What about the prize???

Celine: OH!! Almost fergot..... Smilez221...... WOOHOO!!!!!! Your the winner your artwork will come to you soon!!!!!

Maggie: It's a pic of me when I first fell in love with Ferb...... Oh, Memories!!!!

Celine: Next question its from....Glitter Star

Maggie: hhhhhhmmmm!

Celine: It says.... How old are you guys and when do you meet Phineas and Ferb

Maggie: Im 10

Celine: Im 13

Maggie: we meet don't know.....I hope soon  

Celine: yupity yup yup yup

.*Brian walks down to basment*

Brian: Oh hi girls I was just getting my snowboard. Im going to the snow mountin with Spencer!!!

Maggie: Oh big bro wait we have a question for you and it's from Glitter Star.

Brian: Hit me

Celine: It says what color hair do you have

Brian:  As you plainly see I have brown hair!!!

Maggie: They don't see you they just hear you.

Celine: Yeah...... sorry.

Brian: No it's cool I'm good......  . I'm going now!!

Celine,Maggie: Bye!!!!!

Maggie: Where are the questions were not popular. * Maggie said sadly*

.....*Ella walks down to basment*

Ella: Hi people!!!!!

Maggie: Ella!!! * They run up to each other and hug*

Celine: Group hug!!!! *They group hug*

Ella: Hey Celine you have a question from Smilez221

Celine: Give it to me

Ella: It says can Maggie get annoying sometimes and can I use your name in my story

Celine: Well I love Maggie as a sister but she can be pretty annoying. Yes you can use my name, as long as you use the same character.

Ella: Well Smilez221 I guess you have your answers!!!!!!

Maggie: We have a question from Smilez221 again and it's for Celine again Celine come read this yourself

...* Celine comes to question card to read*

Celine: Yes you can make me a good witch with super cool powers!!!!!!!!! I would love to be a witch!!!!!!!!! But the powers you give me there will be given to me here so make them carefully!!!!!

Ella: we have a question from Glitter Star for all of us!!!

Maggie: What is it!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Ella: It says is the name Glitter Star adorable

Maggie: I would say it's cute

Celine: You couldn't think of any thing cute??? Wow what kind of world do we live in!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Maggie: Sorry she can be kinda rude.

Celine: Watch it fatso

Maggie: WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ella: Celine that wasn't nice say sorry NOW or this!!! Hello this is my foot thats gonna kick you in the shin if you don't say sorry NOW!!!

Celine: SORRY!!!!!!!!

Ella: Thats more like it! *Ella pulls of a evil grin*.

......*Marcella walks down to the basment*

Celine: Why are you here

....* Phineas walks down the basment following Marcella*

Marcella: Oh hi boy friend!

Celine, Maggie Ella: WHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phineas: We become boyfriend and girlfriend later on in the storyThe Party!!!!

Maggie: Well congratulations to you both I'm so happy for you!

Marcella: Wow someone who cares!!!

Maggie: I know right totally!

Marcella: I have a question for Phineas is he avalible! *  looks dreamily at Phineas *

Phineas: Oh yes he is cutiepie!

Marcella: I say who do you think is cuter me or........ Isabella?

Maggie: This should dramatic anybody got ta box of tuissues?

Phineas: how about we move to the next question.

Marcella: No I don't think so!

Phineas: Ugh alright here it goes! I really liked Isabella first.

Marcellla: *gasp!!!*

Phineas: But when your golden glow came to my door and I was swept of my feet by your long silky blonde hair, pearly white smile and sparkling blue eyes! *smile*

Marcellla: * saying while crying * I LOVE YOU!!!!! * Runs up and hugs him really tight*

Phineas: *hugs her back while patting her back*

Maggie: *crys*

Ella: *crys*

Celine: It's like lving with a bunch of baby's! The dude loves the girl SHEECZITS!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcella: * In a soft flowing voice * Oh Phineas

Phineas: * In a soft voice* Oh Marcella!

... * Lyndsay walks down to basment followed by Ferb *

Lyndsay: Oh hi lil' sis!

Marcella; Hi big sis!

Ferb: Happily ever after the end *starts to walk back upstairs*

Lyndsay: Oh sweetie! * Grabs Ferbs' collar and pulls him back *

....* Ferb falls down *

Marcella: I have question for Ferb is he conscious right now?

Phineas: No, no he's not.

Maggie: I'll take care of him!

Marcella: Oh I don't think so! In my story your in love with Ferb!!!!

.... * Ferb pops back into reality *

Ferb: Say what now!!!!!

....* Marcella hits Ferb with a baseball bat making him unconscious*

Phineas: Darling!

Marcella: Don't we need to get back to the Q&A thing that's the porpouse of this whole thing!

Maggie: I have question for Marcella are you there!

Marcella: Hit me with it!

Maggie: My question is.............. let me whisper it to you.

.. * Marcella comes over to let her whisper it into her ear*

.. * Her eyes grow wide*

Marcella: * Crys while running back upstairs *.

Phineas: * Runs after Marcella *

Ella: What was the question!?!?!?

Maggie: * Pertends to lock her lips up *.

... * Upstairs in a kitchen *

Phineas: Why did you run off?

Marcella: Because of the question!

Phineas: What was the question about?

Marcella: About my past life!

Phineas: Poor baby * kneels down by Marcella and hugs her *

Phineas: Now lets go back down stairs!

Marcella: * Holds hands with Phineas and goes down to the basment *

Marcella: * While having a red face mouths the words " This is your warning!!!! " to Maggie *

     ( A few hours later of thinking. )

Phineas: Marcella I know this is all of a sudden but....... um.........Am breaking up with you.

Marcella: You idiot you rat sack!!!!!! * While slaping him in the arm multipul times )

...* Maggie and Ella try to make Marcella stop slaping Phineas in the arm )

Maggie: MARCELLA!!!!!!!

Marcella: But I'm so angry!

Phineas: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

....* Isabella walks down to basment seeing Marcella still punching Phineas in the arm *


Marcella: No I thought I was punching a plate of salad! OF CORSE I'M PUNCHING PHINEAS!!!!!!!....... He broke up with me!!!!!!!!!!!!

...* Lyndsay drags Marcella up stairs to have a little " talk " *

Marcella: *  While being draged upstairs * BUT I HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT PHINEASS' MOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Celine: Okay I have a question for Lyndsay!

Lyndsay: I can still here you!!!!!!

Celine:  Whats your fav Phineas and Ferb song!

Lyndsay: Tell Me Why I Don't Hate Christmas!!!

Marcella: Atlantis is a city at the bottom of the sea! It's soggier now then it used to be it used to be-

Phineas: I have a-

.. * Baljeet walks down to basment *

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