Part 1

"Hey,ya'll!I was wondering if you all wanted to go and see my figure skating tomorrow!" Marabella asked Phineas,Ferb and Isabella so she's wonder girl now,is she?Phineas "OF COURSE we'll go!" said Phineas,eager to see her figure skating,"Okay,i'll tell my coach that you three are going to watch my class!" said Marabella.


Phineas was eager to see her pretty face again.He woke up at 7:00,even though her lesson's were at 9:00.He ate breakfast,unchained his and Ferb's bike at around 8:45 and rode to Isabella's house, and then biked over to the Danville skating rink.I hope she falls!And she's hurt so bad,her face get's all mixed up,and Phineas will lose interest in her,and then he'll love ME instead!!! Isabella thought.After a couple of minutes,they were there.They chained up their bikes,and walked inside.

"So your here to see the lesson?" said Marabella's coach, "Uh-huh" said Phineas."Okay,take a seat" said the coach.Phineas,Ferb and Isabella.The coach walked onto the ice and addressed the skaters,there were a couple of boys in the group,hopefully none of them have crushes on Marabella!! thought Phineas. The coach said "today,we are choosing pairs,and we will be doing freestyle with your pair!I will choose your pair" after saying a couple of pairs,I hope she's with a girl-I don't want her to love another guy! "Marabella,your with Hayden!" said the coach Oh drat! Thought Phineas. Marabella skated over to Hayden,a blond-haired boy who seemed the same age as Marabella.He's perfect for Marabella! thought Phineas.Marabella and Hayden started skating side by side,then started doing the some simple tricks."Warm up is done!" said the coach,let's present what we planned!" and then Hayden and Marabella were called on first,and Hayden actually picked up Marabella,and they twirled,and they endend in the most heart-breaking pose-a kiss! Phineas gets sad, but Isabella gets happy.

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