Phineas opens his next birthday present, he dissapointantly finds another baseball glove. He throws it with the other ones. Isabella brings Phineas her present. Phineas opens it suspecting to find another glove. He is surprised to find a Converters YellowJacket RC ( parody of Transformers Bumblebee) a present he's always wanted. Phineas asks how she knew he wanted one. A flashback reveals Isabella spying on Phineas admiring the toy, afterwhich she goes in to buy it. Isabella says it was a lucky guess. Phineas thanks her and kisses her on the cheek, then she blushes. 

Memorable Quote 

Isabella: Get me the Converters Yellowjacket RC.

Clerk: Is it for a boy?

Isabella: Yes, yes it is.

Clerk: Well, good luck. 

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