This is a story of Perry the platypus.


Part 1

Not so normal

Phineas and Ferb raced out to their garden. They where going to make the greatest zoo, ever! During construction, Perry went missing.

Hey, where's perry? Phineas asked.
Merry the playtipie

merry the platypus doing a mission.

Perry opened a stone and slooped down a hoop in it.

Oh, there you are agent P, Major M. says.

Perry chatters.

Today Dr. D is making something extra evil, so we are taking agent M, on your mission. Merry the platypus, only the best of the female agents, Perry. Oh, and there she is, now.

Merry makes a clicking sound like Perry's, but a bit lighter and bouncy.

Now Merry, and Perry, get to it.

Perry looked at Merry; she smiled at him. Perry nodded. They begun their mission.

Perry scoots off it his scooter, Merry on the back. They come to a stop red light. Perry glanced at Merry. Merry winked, Perry blushed. So they arrived at Doof's house.... Merry went in 1st.

Aww, Perry the purplypus... Wait Perry- you're purple, said Doofenshmirtz.

Merry chattered. Perry, why the long face..? What did you do.....?

Perry broke the door and jumped in

I knew you wern't Perry, you see Perry allways breaks my doors... Hey! Perry I told you to use the key, like...the purple platypus.

Well I'll just trap you, wiki-i-de-snap. Trap...

That's all for now.

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