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Doofenshmirtz Invention

Mind Erase-Inator

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"Right there" "Hey, Phineas. Do you remember what we did yesterday?"


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One day Phineas and Ferb were sitting at the tree in their backyard. “You know, Ferb,” said Phineas. “Every day Perry goes and then comes back. Where do you think he goes every day?” Ferb raised his shoulders. “That’s it! Ferb, I know what we’re gonna do today.” Candace walked up. “Hey, where’s Perry?” she asked. “Right there,” said Ferb.

At the agency, Major Monogram said, “Agent P? Agent P? Where are you Agent P?” Finally, Perry set off. Phineas and Ferb followed him. Phineas said, “Don’t say a word.” “Oh, there you are, Agent P.” said Major Monogram. “But Doofenshirtz is doing a new scheme to erase a certain person’s mind. I want you to go down to Galapagos Islands to show Doofenshirtz who is boss. I know you can do it, Agent P.”

At The Flynn-Fletcher house Candace was going to call Jeremy. She opened her cell phone to find that the batteries were dead. She went to Buford’s House. She opened the door to find Buford beating up Baljeet. “Candace!” he yelled. “Help me!” “I can’t, Baljeet. But I know who can.” She walked to Jeremy’s house and asked to barrow Suzy. She brought Suzy back to Buford’s House. She put Suzy in front of Buford’s face and he ran away. She called Jeremy and—“Hey!” said Major Monogram. “Get back to Agent P.” Okay. (Doofenshmirtz Galapagos Island)! “Oh, Perry the Platypus. Who is the humans behind you?” asked Doofenshmirtz. Phineas and Ferb hid. Perry raised his shoulders. “Anyway my new invention is—BEHOLD—The Memory-Erase-Inator!” Perry chattered, “Uh-oh!” “Let’s search the web of whose memory will be erased. And it is—”

The doorbell rang. Isabella opened the Door. “Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz,” she said. “I DON’T WANT ANY CUPCAKES YOU FIRESIDE GIRL!” screamed Doofenshirtz. “Hi, Phineas, whatcha doin’?” said Isabella. “JUST LEAVE!” said Doofenshmirtz. Isabella left. “Anyway,” said Doofenshmirtz, “the person’s whose mind will be erased are Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher.” Perry chattered, “Shoot!” “Ugh! The thing about this machine is that the red button erases only the mind from today, the other is from forever.” This gave Perry an idea. Doofenshmirtz typed in Phineas and Ferb. Then Perry touched the red button and it erased Phineas and Ferb’s mind from that day. Then Perry took out Doofenshmirtz’s Go Home-Inator and did it to Phineas and Ferb. Perry went back to the agency. It was dark. He turned on the lights. “Oh hi, Agent P.” said Carl. “We’re closin’ up. It’s 9:39 P.M.”

Next Morning.

“Hey, Phineas,” said Ferb. “Do you remember what we did yesterday?”

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