Patricianabeth "Patrica" Nelson Verlean
Offical design
Gender: Female
Age: 9-10 (on Phineas and Ferb)

12-13 (on Patricia and Florence)

Height: same as Phineas
Nationality: Amercian
Hometown: Annapolis, Maryland
Born: 1990's
Nemesis: Alice Quinbe
Brittany Frontpoke and Barba Backksting
Molly Collipopins (sometimes)
Professional Information
Position in The Phinettes:
  Lead singer
Fireside Girl (formely)
Lassie Scout troop leader
  Fireside Girls (formely)
Lassie Scouts
Friends and Family
Lisa Verlean (mother)
Michael Verlean (father)
Adam (brother)
Florence Verlean (older adoptive sister)
Haily Verlean (younger adoptive sister)
Quinten Thonnings (self-declared adoptive sister of him)
Grandma Laura
Issac Grand-Maria
Katrina (daughter)
Phineas II (son)
Hattie (daughter)
Pets: Buttons
Adorare (formely)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Patricia and Florence
Voiced by:
Mae Whiteman (speaking
Taylor Momsen (singing)

Early life

Main article: Lil' Patrica and Florence

Patricia was born around 1998, 3 years after their parents met and got married. When she was 3 and Adam was 8, after her parents returned from Australia, they brought a 4-year old girl named Florence, which is her adopted sister.

Relationships Between Other Characters

Phineas Flynn

Phineas has a crush on Patricia, and also doesn't know who to choose between Isabella and Patricia.

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Isabella was one of her rivals in "Girls Battle Out", so they compete in a competition to win Phineas's heart. Turns out nobody won due to everybody arguing after Doofenshmirtz's emoter-ray-inator was on arguing mode and hit them. Then the stadium flew off to space, then when the emoter hit them again, it reversed the effect the Patricia and Isabella make up.

Ferb Fletcher

Ferb has a normal relationship with them.

Issac Grand-Marina

Issac has a secret crush on Patricia, but she isn't aware, and bears a small jealousy towards Phineas, other than that he and Patricia are just friends. 


Phineas and Ferb

They are major charcthers in the show

Phineas and Ferb the Anime

She makes an appearance with her sister Florence and brother Adam in the anime version of the show.

Patrica and Florence

She is the main protagonist of the series

The Attack of the Counterparts

In this story by Daisy56, Patricia is actually Phineas Flynn's girl counterpart from a parallel universe, and she and others get crossed into, by Doofenshmirtz, into Phineas and Ferb's universe with the sole intention to fall in love with their counterparts. Of course, Patricia doesn't like Phineas, though she likes hanging out with him, though Phineas actually likes her, and is hated by Isabella.

Background Information

  • Her nickname is Patty, but it is later revealed that her real name is Patricanabeth (Austrillan Bongio )
  • Can draw anime (Phineas and Ferb II:The Battle of Cavorline )
  • She bears a resemblance of Aunt Tiana, and like her, she's had alot of adventures with Phineas.
  • Patrica is somewhat both a protagonist and an anti-hero since she plays an antagonostic role against some appearance with both her and Isabella

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