This is the second in a series of fan fiction stories written for the Tri-State Gazette newsletter. Season 2 introduced a character named Irving who becomes Phineas and Ferb's "biggest fan". He's so much of a fan that he keeps a scrapbook of their adventures. Ever wonder what might be in that scrapbook? Perhaps it started out as a diary....

Entry #1

Dear diary:

I just saw the coolest thing today. I was riding with my mom in the car on the way back from the grocery store and there was this rollercoaster right in the middle of the street! Good thing I always have my InstaPic camera with me at all times. I got a picture of it just as the coaster whooshed by! I think I recognize one of the kids in the car. He looks like a boy from near where I live.

That was awesome! I wonder how he built it?

Entry #2

Dear diary:

There's a peacock in our back yard!

I don't know where it come from. Sure is pretty, tho. It showed up a couple of hours after these big dump trucks rolled by carrying what looked to be sand. Man, they were noisy. Maybe they scared the peacock over here. I'll see if I can get a picture of it.

Ah, it's flying away. That's too bad.

Wait a second! I can see someone parasailing a few blocks away. We don't have a lake in this neighborhood! What's going on here?

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