The PFRTeam is a team Phineas,Ferb,Marabella,Isabella,and Emily form after they are sucked up by a vortex and land in the world of Kidworld.

They are told to protect its citizens from Joe and other villians you are sworn to meet in my stories.

Now kick back relax and enjoy a non-smoking flight to Kidworld!

� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � Perfessions

Phineas:Phineas is the Leader of the PFRTeam. He cares more of his teamates than himself. He commands the rest of the team and tells them what to do.

Phineas Has no special super power like the rest of the team, but he has a smart mind and a big heart.

Ferb:Ferb,this time is the inventor. He creates weapons.repairs fighting gear,and once pimped the team's jet! Only


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