Nova became outstanding because she has a new set of clothes. Doofenshmirtz tries to destroy and get rid of crossword puzzles.

Plot Summary

Adyson and Talia were using June's scooter to get to Googoplex Mall. But when they see Nova, she is wearing a blue blouse, a green denim skirt, pair of yellow sandals and a star greeny set of accesories. They are both suprised. Isabella, in her new look, sees Holly and her partners Polly and Lolly buying so many party hats. Perry teams up with Agent D(dog) and Peter the Panda to defeat Rodney, Dr. Bloodpudding and Doofenshmirtz. Bridget and her troop comes wearing no scout uniform. After the boy gang arrived, Terry finally dates Nova because she is outstanding. When the Perryteam defeats the three L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. members, they destroyed the Crossword-Rid-Inator. Bridget hates Nova's corndog with a hotdog and tries to spill drinks on her new look. Nova opens her umbrella and dodges the drinks.

Ending Credits

Nova skated around the mall and was still not arrested. The police likes her look and instead gave her a bouquet of flowers.


She's Nova

If You Defeat With A Platypus, Panda or Dog

Running Gags

Memorable Quotes

Nova: Hey these earrings go with my necklace!

Talia: Adyson, what is Nova doing in Outstanding Shoppy Store?

Adyson: And Isabella is also there! What shall we do?

Terry: Whoa! Nova, you look outstanding! Can we date?

Nova: Yes, Yes I will!!

Bridget: What? GRACKY?

Isabella: Love Nova's look?

Bridget:Yeah but why is she eating hotdog with a corndog?

Background Information

  • Bridget's troop number 45783 is mentioned again.
  • Nova will wear this look in future episodes.
  • Isabella is seen with a watch.

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