Candace Got Shot with Dr.Doofensmirtz's Love inator and Candace Showed Hearts in Her Eyes Phineas said Are you okay Candace Says Phineas

Candace says I'm Wonderful she breathed slowly then okay were going up in space too help Meap Find his

Friend leap that got trapped in the clutches of Micth so Phineas and Ferb were bulding the biggest spacecraft in the world Phineas asked Candace

So are you Coming Candace replies anything for you Phineas she Breaths Slowly.Phineas Says Hey were's Perry?

Perry Go's on the other side of the house and opens his secret door gets off Pet mode and go's down the secret tunnel

Majoir Mogram Says ah Agent P Dr.Doofensmirtz Love inator Shot one of The Flyn Flecher Family's Daughter

Its up to You to Laser Her Back to normal and Deafeat Dr.Dr.Doffenshmirtz

Any Way Majior Mongram Said Get Right on it Dobey Dobey Dobey ba Agent P.Backed to Phineas and Ferb

okay ferb that will do.Backed to Doffensmirtz Evil Inc. Ah Perry the Platypus I See your Last Mission Did't go so well

did it I Still Have the love inator Perry the platypus No Don't Kick Me No No No ouch that hurt 'wow don't push me off the building!

Curse Perry Platypus Dobey Dobey Dobey ba Agent P jumps off the building and his hoverbourd caches him and Perry Bumps

in to Terry the Tyrannosaurushoverboud and Perry Chatter and Saulutes and Terry Saulutes too and roars.

Phineas,Ferb,Candace are about to blast off quickly Perry in his Hoverbourd quickly blast Candace Back to Normal.

And Perry get into the spacecraft and turns back to Pet Mode Phineas Says oh there you are Perry.

Candace Say what are you Doing uh saving meap's friend Phineas said.Candace Says You Guys are so busted When we Come Back

They Just Blast off in To Micth's Lair and Meap and Micth Fight while Phineas,Ferb,Perry and Candace sneak off to get leap

and Micth lost the battle and Phineas and Ferb Said Bye to Meap and Leap.Then Phineas,Ferb,Perry,Candace went home.

And Got out of the spacecraft and Candace went the store to tell her Mom about the spacecraft but the spacecraft got shot by Dr.Doofensmirtz love Inator on assdent.

and fell in love another spacecraft. And Mom (Linda Flynn) said to Candace Now What Did You Want to Show Me

Candace Blinked on the left eye and said Uh Never Mind. Phineas and Ferb and Perry Come to the Store and and say Hi Mom

Mom Says So Who Want Some snacks Phineas and Ferb Say Me Mom Says Okay Lets Go Home Then

The End


Its Love

and You Now it

its love its love

and you now that!!

Note: Song Sung Bye Phineas and Candace

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Thank You

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