The Ocean Paradise Resort is the grandest resort in all of Extravaganza Planet. Phineas built it and has 15 near death experiences each for the group. This resort's owned by Phineas and Chira and made it a rival resort to the Beach Boulevard Resort, owned by Thaddeus and Tracy. All of the old Danville citizens are staying there. It is one resort located at Shan Ra, a parody of Hong Kong. It values from the Flynn Star World Resort, where the gang all live in.


There are two hotels at the resort. One is Shan Ra Phineasland Hotel, constructed by Ferb for the celebrities, and is a five-star hotel . One more hotel is the four-star Ocean Starline Hotel. According to the four-star hotel, the gang and the citizens of Danville will be staying there with guests.

Shan Ra Phineasland

Shan Ra Phineasland is the park in Extravaganza. Nothing values from this Phineasland Park.

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