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This is the third chapter of The Weather Chronicles.

Not so Perfect Weather

It was a nice day. Phineas and Ferb felt like a tornado would strike down in front of them. "Ferb," said Phineas " Do you ever get the feeling a tornado might hit Danville?" Ferb shrugged. "Hey, where's Perry?" asked Phineas. "Agent P, this is horrible. Your mission has been canceled because a tornado is going to hit Danville in 20 minutes!" said Monogram. Perry took off his hat. "Oh, there you are." said Phineas. Ferb pointed at the sky. "Funny..." said Phineas. "I don't remember the sky being an olive greenish tone." Isabella came dashing through the gate door. "Phineas! Ferb! A tornado is going to hit Danville in about 15 minutes!" cried Isabella. "Thanks for the warning." said Phineas. Isabella ran out the gate. "MOM! MOM!" Phineas could hear Isabella shout from a distance. After 15 minutes, the tornado came! "Go inside!" cried Phineas. He slammed the door and the family huddled in "The Panic Room." ("I, Brobot") "Where's Mr. Miggins?" asked Candace. Ferb was holding him. "Gimmie that!" said Candace. Then, Ferb started crying like a baby. "Go get Ferb crackers!" cried Linda. "I can't!" said Lawrence. "Remember? Tornado?" After an hour of horror, the house was flat as a pancake. "Our house!" cried Linda. She started to weep. At the instant second, Phineas and Ferb repaired it. "Huh? It's fixed." said Linda. The End.

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