This page is editable by ANYONE! But HEY! HEY! HEY! SLOW DOWN! We got rules after experiencing a little turbulence. Rules are:

  1. No REAL LIFE characters (Including the creators and actors, etc)
  2. No grouping gods
  3. No deleting characters, unless you have a signed a power of attorney (i'm not kidding, i don't want that thing to ever happen again)

Well that's about it. have fun!

The Gods

  • Phineas: God of Adventure, Awesomeness and Cuteness. (The King of The Gods)
  • Ferb: God of Creations/Invention
  • Candace: Goddess of Punishment or "Busting" as she prefers it
  • Stacy: Goddess of Fashion
  • Perry: God of Wildlife
  • Isabella: Godess of Teamwork (The Queen of The Gods)
  • Emily: Goddess of Sweetness
  • Baljeet: God of Studies
  • Buford: God of the Doomsday
  • Irving: God of Recording and Followers, Disciples, Students, Admirers, and Fans
  • Dill: God of Technology
  • Amy: Goddess of Sports
  • Gunther: God of Gold Medals
  • Jeri: Goddess of Beauty and Flowers
  • Adriel: God of Competitions
  • Goldfish: God of Hats and Useless Facts!
  • Ryan: God of calling Goldfish an idiot!
  • Daisy Hernandez: Goddess of Facts
  • M.J.: God of Inspiration, technology, Playstation 3s, Call of Duty games, and Secret Knowledge of Platypus Agents
  • Didi Martinez-Hernandez: Goddess of Weirdness
  • Jacob Greenfish: God Of Computing
  • Honey Henson: Goddess of Fairytales
  • Matt Hoover: God of Rules
  • Eric Nevis: God of Reverse Engineering
  • Freddy Garcia: God of Being Freddy
  • Alice: Goddess of Sarcasm
  • Zinnah: Goddess of Evil
  • Mateo: God of Hereos
  • Daisy/Randompnfnerd: Goddess of Randomness! (and Ferb)
  • Tarah: Goddess of Imagination .
  • Cain: God of the south west
  • American che: Goddess of Phineas and Connecticut
  • Tom: God of Idiocy
  • Doofenshmirtz: God of Evil
  • Monogram: God of Agents (No, not THAT Agent)
  • Carl: God of Lowly Organization Members
  • Linda: Goddess of Bad Timing and Failing to See Contraptions
  • Marissa: Goddess of the Future
  • Joanie: Goddess of Getting Marissa out of Trouble
  • Shadow: God of Darkness
  • Abbie Norman: Goddess of Cheating
  • Norm: God of friendliness
  • Addict Girl 411: Goddess of addictions and the computer
  • Larry the Platypus : God of Nervousness and Anxiety
  • Isabelle Garcio-Shapira: Goddess of Being a Jerk
  •   Kent Green: god of being self-absorbed
  • Alice 0-godess of spy-ness
  • Liz: goddess of goth
  • Ashley S. Flynn-Shapiro-Goddess of tomboy-ism
  • Maddyfae: Goddess of Biology and Platypeople (:P)
  • Albert: God of Ninjas
  • Kaky_k_64: God of videogames, electronics, geeks, and Japanese animation.
  • FG10: Godess of fruit
  • Zach: God of laziness
  • Tpffan: The goddess of writing, drawing, and being a P&F fan!
  • Aliesha Williams: Goddess of being fun-loving.
  • Lisa Devine: Goddess of being a spoiled brat.
  • Sam Flynn: Goddess of destroying Jeremy and Candace's relationship.
  • Jeremy: God of music and the love of women.
  • Coltrane: God of coal and trains.
  • Andrew: God of stupidity.
  • Jenny: God of nature, animals, peace, and love.
  • Vanessa: Goddess of darkness and gothic evilness.
  • Norm: God of squirrel power.
  • Django: God of art.
  • Charlene: Goddess of divorce.
  • Lawrence: God of irresponsible parenting.
  • Peter the Panda: God of pandas.
  • Balthazar: God of Horowitz.
  • Giant Floating Baby Head: Supreme God of everything that exists.
  • Adyson: Goddess of yelling at Doofenshmirtz
  • PMG: God of chess, cats, and trophies.

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