Phineas and Ferb were sitting under there tree in the backyard, enjoying the breeze then Phineas said "Ferb remember that day we had the-." "Phineas Phineas PHINEAS!!!" Isabella said Phineas said "yeah Isabella" then Isabella said." We got a new Fireside Girl in are troop and she is an old friend back when I used to live in Louisiana! Her name is Diana and you will beable to see her tomorrow!" Phineas said "Thats so cool I can't wait right Ferb" (Ferb nods head sarcasticly while smileing). Then Isabella said "I gotta go give Diana the tatorial of the Fireside Girls so bye" Isabella walked out of Phineas and Ferb's backyard. Phineas said "Ferb are you not sayin what Im thinkin" Ferb blinks 2 times. Phineas said "alright then so Ferb I know what were gonna do today were gonna give Diana a welcome to the neighborhood party kinda thing so lets get the suplize we got some mighty work to do here partner yeehaw!!!!!" Ferb said " you can't pool that off just like the street thing." Phineas said "am I anything ." Ferb said " yeah your my brother." Phineas and ferb hug as Candace walks out the door. "Phineas there is this girl outside that wants to see you" Phineas said " Okay let me see her." Phineas walked outside to see Marabella standing there all pretty and Marabella said " Hi Phineas Im so excited to beable to come here!!!!!!" Phineas said " Cool!!!....Come in come in make yourself at home Marabella said " Okay!!" Marabella walked inside and sat on the couch and said " I brought my IPod do you wanna listen to some music!?!?!?!?!?!"...Phineas said"...sure!!!!!!!!"(I will get more later please don't edit)

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