Daphne Reugrid has a crush on Lazlo Gozalotavish, this makes Phineas kiss Isabella. Doofenshmirtz tries to buy a bed for a newcomer in his building.


Phineas and Isabella was in Casey's Goh-Rong themed house, helping Casey build a fountain for a new resort the gang will build. Daphne wants to kiss Phineas but was stopped by Lazlo Gozalotavish, the famous guy who has a crush on Casey at the sequel series episode " Prince Not So Charming". She happily glares at him and kisses Lazlo. Isabella was happy to see Daphne and Lazlo kiss perfectly. Perry enters his lair and Monogram see him that Doofenshmirtz buys a bed for his newcomer worker in his building called The Black Widow (from Poptropica islands, Counterfeit and Reality TV). Perry tries to find pillows for that by Monogram. At the building, Doofenshmirtz bought a bed without pillows. Perry arrived with the pillows, that are black and red. He placed them on the bed and Doofenshmirtz claimed him and Monogram his new assistants. Back at Casey's house, Phineas decided to kiss Isabella. When Nova and Terry stormed in to the house, Phineas dropped a lovemat. They jumped from the lovemat. Casey sees Aron walking towards her house. She jumped from the mat, and kissed Aron, in a happy mood, and all characters of the series sang the same song from the sequel series.


  • That Couple Likes It!
  • Funny Love Song( from sequel series episode " Hooray For Bollywood")


  • Phineas
  • Isabella
  • Ferb(in the Funny Love Song)
  • Baljeet( holding hands with Mishti, jumping with Ferb and Buford at the song)
  • Buford( jumping with Ferb and Baljeet)
  • Casey
  • Aron
  • Daphne Reugrid
  • Lazlo Gozalotavish
  • Kari( with George ripping off his shirt )
  • George( at the song with Kari, ripping off his shirt)
  • Emily( in Ferb's head)
  • Elemental Troops
  • All Citizens of Danville and Sooga( at the song)
  • Nova( at song, cameo in episode)
  • Terry( same as Nova)
  • Candace and team( in the song, participating with Ferb, Baljeet and Buford)
  • Doofenshmirtz, The Black Widow
  • Monogram
  • Perry

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