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My Pet Llama
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Isabella and the Fireside Girls get a llama and name it Larry, so Phineas and Ferb also build a little barn for him while Candace is at camp. Doofenshmirtz seeks the area of mimes.

(in the boys' back yard, Phineas and Ferb are hanging in their tree and Perry is sitting on the top of the tree)

Phineas: So, what should we do today?

(Isabella enters the yard and behind her are the Fireside Girls)

Isabella: Whatcha doin'?

Phineas: To be honest, I don't know.

Isabella: Well, the Fireside Girls just got a llama for our 'Adopt a Crazy Pet' patch, and he needs a house!

Phineas: Well, Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today! Now all we need to do is get blue prints.

(Phineas looks at Ferb who is holding the needed blue prints)

Phineas: Good job, bro! You're always one step ahead of me.

Ferb: Let's make a barn, then.

(all kids laugh, and screen is at Perry sneaking away, he jumps down a hole in the ground and does a flip into his chair)

Monogram: You know what to do, so put a stop to whatever Doof is doing!

Carl: Bye bye, Perry! Have a fun time!

(Perry salutes, jumps into his hover car, and speeds away to Doof's hiding place. Perry lands and finds Doof sitting in his arm chair. Then music cuts in- "Doof sitting in his arm chairrrr!")

Doof: Grrrr! That music was going all night! I've been so tired that I didn't get a trap! So, before I tell you my evil scheme, let's go buy you a trap!

(Perry nods. Doof and Perry get in Doof's car and drive to the mall. Once they're at the mall, they get Perry an indestructable cardboard box cage. They go back to Doof's house.)

Doof: Ha ha, I've caught you! Now I will show you my 'Findthemimeplaceinator'! You must be wondering why I made this. It's because I hate mimes, but I know that if I can find where they come from and destroy that place, then there will be no more mimes!

(Perry shrugs.)

Doof: Fine! You can shrug all you want, but you're in a box, and I'm leaving! Ha ha ha ha ha!

(Doof walks out with his invention. Perry just opens a door in the back of the box and walks out to go after Doof.)

(Meanwhile, Phineas has finished the barn next to the Fireside Girls' hideout, and they have put Larry into it.)

Isabella: Thanks, guys!

Phineas: No prob! Hey, where's Perry?

(All the kids laugh and then go inside for snacks. Meanwhile, back to Perry and Doof...)

(Perry jumps out of his car.)

Doof: What?! You escaped?! Well, take this!

(Doof points his Headache-inator at himself and shoots. When he shoots himself, he drops his Findthemimeplaceinator, which blows up. Perry flies back home, but the Headache-inator hits Larry and he stampedes, destroying the barn.)

The End

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