After Alice Quenbe announces that she's re-entering the Miss Fantastic Pageant, Patricia decides to re-enter Florence, and Phineas and Ferb also makes this year's theme "The Miss Phintastic, Ferbulous Pageant". Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz tries to get rid of all pageants.


  • "Miss Phintastic Ferbulous" (it is not anyway similar to the Phintastic Ferbulous Car-Wash)
  • "I'm the Best (and I Always Will Be)"
  • "The Paper Pelican Floor Show" (shown in flashback)
  • "You're Fabulous" (instrumental cameo)
  • "Boat of Romance" (instrumental)

End Credits

A repeat of Miss Phintastic Ferbulous.


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Running gags

Too young line

Mrs.Phintastic: Aren't you a little young to run a pageant?

Phineas: Yes, yes we are.

Ferb's line

Ladies and gentlemen, dancing with Phineas Flynn, Florence Becker Verlean!

Florence's line

  • Alice: Give me that crown!
  • Florence: I had it first!
  • Alice: I won 1st!
  • Florence: But you keep bribing the judges into eliminating the other contestants. You never deserved to win.
  • Alice: Nuh uh!
  • Florence: Uh huh!
  • Alice: Uuh uh!
  • Florence: Uh huh!
  • Alice: Nuh uh!
  • Florence: Uh huh!

[They keep arguing until they realize the crown is gone and given to Adyson.]

Watcha doin'

  • Isabella: Hey Phineas. Watcha doin'?
  • Phineas: We're coaching Florence for the Miss Fantastic Pageant.
  • Isabella: What a coincidence since Gretchen, Katie, Adyson, and I are also entering the pageant so we can earn the Beauty Pageant Patch.

  • Alice: Hey, whatcha doin', losers?
  • Isabella: Did she just call us losers? And thats my catchphrase!

Perry's entrance to the liar

Through a catwalk.

Memorable Quotes

  • Alice: Whats up, losers?
    Alice Qenbei-

    This is Alice (with clothes re-colored)

  • Patrica: Oh, no! Not Alice Quenbe! Please don't be Alice Quenbe!

  • Alice: What? This can't be! I was Mrs. Fantastic 32 times in a row! See? See?
  • [Crowd boos!]
  • Guy: Hey, we need tomatoes!
  • Isabella: No! No tomatoes! But you can use some cherry filled Fireside Girls Brand muffins.
  • Guy: That works too.
  • [Crowd throws muffins!]
  • Alice: [Sobs] Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • [more comeing soon]

Background info.

Since Alice isn't a Fireside girl, it probably hints that those flight attendants were not Fireside Girls. Just some volunteers for Phineas and Ferb's idea.

[more info. needed]


Alice is revealed to be 1 of the girls who volunteered to be a dancer in the Paper Pelican Floor show and once she figured out that they are (boy)friends of Patrica and Florence. She continues to be nice to them so they can make her win. She even recognizes Isabella, Gretchen, Katie, and Adyson. (De Plane! De Plane!)

The pageant is a reference to The Phintastic Ferbolus Car-Wash (At the car wash)

Florence's Victorian dress later appears in other episodes.

Isabella wears the same dress as her look-alike in the talent contest where she performs a flower dance. (The Monster of Phineas-N-Ferbenstein)

[more coming soon]


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